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Study Habits

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Great Study Habits are Productive

You need to have some great study habits, self-management and time-management skills. They can boost my productivity.

Being a Self-disciplined Student

In AS Level grade, I have been elected🎖️ by and entered📥 my school’s student union👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, acting as an inspector🔍 of disciplines📝.

Following rules only for inspections only disrespects inspectors’ hard work without any positive impacts.

How to be Self-disciplined 
Always Show Health Codes during the Pandemic

Always Show Health Codes during the Pandemic

My New "4BST" Study Technique

In my last (invited) Study Tips Sharing lectures, I shared my new "4BST" (like "for British Summer Time") stduy technique.

  • Be Hydrated
  • Block out Distractions
  • Be Well-prepared
  • Be Organised
  • Sleep Early and Get up Early
  • Take Exercise
Study Tips Lectures  My %224BST%22 Productive Tips

My "4BST" Productive Tips

Make Daily Goals, Burn like Coals

Setting daily goals🏆 can encourage you to study diligently💡. You cannot pursue yourself⚡️ without goals.

Final goals can also motivate yourself to study hard every day📆 towards your terminals🏁 in this year.

My Latest Plan/Goals 

Daily Goals Checklist

Utilise Free Time

The time during the day is limited⌛️ but you always have free time⏳ while you are waiting in a queue, staying at home due to pandemic, and so on.

So, what do you usually do in your free time?

Students always study in their free time🔋, doing some activities related to studying. They may listen to English audio🎧, remember words📒, and so on.

As well as waiting in a queue, you also can use the time on transportations whether you are going somewhere by car🚙, bus🚌, underground🚇, train🚆, and plane✈️.

Learn More 

Discover and Share Knowledge in Real Life

It is very important to apply🔬 knowledge in real life while studying. Not only can it help you understand knowledge🎓 easily but also we can share📤 it with others.

I always discover🔍 and share📤 academic knowledge with other students while travelling or going outside, so I can study and relax🏝️ at the same time. By the way, other students can correct✅ my errors❌.

For example, I insert📥 related knowledge🎓 into Green Boxes in my articles and vlogs.

Learn More 
Discover Knowledge in Real Life while Travelling

Discover Knowledge in Real Life while Travelling

Organise your Cables

Are the cables🔌 in your bedroom messy? Messy cables can lower your productivity since it occupies more studying spaces📦.

Now, it's time to organise✨ your cables.

You can use some tapes and bandages to put many cables together🪢 so the volume occupied will be smaller🔗.

My Bedroom Cable Management

My Bedroom Cable Management

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