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High School Study Tips

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Good Luck with your Exams!

I usually share📤 my study📖, revision🤔, and exam📝 tips💡 for (I)GCSE, A Level, IELTS and other exams based on my experiences.

My Suggestions

  • Read Questions📖 Very Carefully
  • Keep your Desk Tidy✨
  • Don't Leave Many Tasks Until Deadline📆
  • Don't Discuss Answers📝 with your Classmates After an Exam

Avoid Common Errors in Exams

Some questions are designed🪄 to have trap options.

You may be forgetting⚠️ to change units, read questions carefully, multiply/divide 2, and finish hidden diagram-drawing questions in the middle.

Physics MCQ Trap Options 9702/11/M/J/20

Some common errors❌ also apply to your projects. For example, a computer program will not function correctly🐞 if you have typos.

var type = "I am variable \"type\""; alert(typo); // This will throw an error since "type" and "typo" are different.

So, you need to read questions very carefully to correctly✅ answer questions.

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