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What do Students do in their Free Time to Study and Overtake Others?

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By: Ken Deng   Published on 13 Nov. 2021 , Updated on 18 Feb. 2023

Approx. 850 words, 4 mins

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Students🧑‍🎓 usually utilise their free time⏳ to study📝, especially in transportation✈️. They can read books📚, listen to podcasts🎧 and discover knowledge🔍.

Some students do not stay up late⌛️ to study📝 and overtake others🔝, but they instead sandwich🥪 their study tasks in their free time.

I study in my free time to remedy📑 my missing essential vocabulary📒, listening🎧, reading📚 and language comprehension📔 skills useful for IELTS exams and I haven’t learned well in the past🕰️.

Tasks to Do

First, let’s talk about some tasks📝 to do in your free time.

1. Read Books/Articles

Reading📖 books and articles can boost your reading skills, gain knowledge and, by the way, vocabulary📒, like what you are doing now.

Let’s say, reading my articles📄 on this Ken’s Study Journey website🖥️ can learn my useful study tips and habits.

I usually read Imperial College London News website because it is directly from the university🏫 containing academic research articles📄 similar to IELTS reading📖.

Reading my EPQ A* Tips Article

Reading my EPQ A* Tips Article

2. Listen to Audio

Listening to audio🎧 can boost your listening skills👂 and gain knowledge🎓 without reading text📄, like English audio for preparing for English (IELTS) listening exams.

It can be TED Talks💬 and Podcasts🎙️, like the Audio Articles on the top⬆️ of my website.

This is usually done on private cars🚙 and buses🚌 where reading may not be suitable.

My Audio Articles

My Audio Articles

3. Watch Videos/Vlogs

Videos📽️ contain animations which can help you understand knowledge easily. Vlogs can also help you find inspiration.

For example, I watch vlogs🎬 by university students🧑‍🎓 to learn more about their daily life📆, where I also discovered their study tips.

My Vlog Channel

Did you know?

In order to provide equal⚖️ access🔗 to my resources for students at locations where YouTube cannot❌ be used but my website is available✅, I have provided a copy of my vlogs (MP4 files) on my website.

Similarly, most of my photos📸 on Instagram and TripAdvisor may be sandwiched🥪 in my website articles.

Watching my 2023 Chinese New Year Vlog

Watching my 2023 Chinese New Year Vlog

4. Discover & Share Knowledge

Discovering🔍, applying and sharing📤 knowledge in real life can help you memorise📋 knowledge firmly.

For example, I share📤 my discovered knowledge🎓 on social media, my articles and vlogs.

Learn More

Chemistry Knowledge in Rocks

Chemistry Knowledge in Rocks

5. Make Research

Making research🔬 is essential for university and senior high students.

You can do research on any topic you are interested in💡. In A Level, you may need to do EPQ research projects📁.

Let’s say, I have done my EPQ project about new website🖥️ technologies🛠️ like IPv6, and have been researching the Internet🌎 structure using tracert/traceroute command🧑‍💻 and Wireshark app.

Enabling HTTP/2 on my Website (EPQ)

Enabling HTTP/2 on my Website (EPQ)

6. Remember Flashcards

Flashcards📒 can help you memorise knowledge firmly and easily📋 with the Active Recall method.

I make and remember flashcards for both knowledge🎓, including definitions and formulae, and English vocabulary📔.

Remember Flashcards using Quizlet

Remember Flashcards using Quizlet

7. Chat with Friends

Chatting💬 with friends can help you boost your communication and collaboration👨‍👩‍👧 skills.

You can chat within whatever topic you want, such as subjects🎓 you have chosen and universities🏫 you applied to.

For example, I chat with my friends in English with IELTS-similar questions, like “Do you prefer paper-based or computer-based IELTS exams?”

I also test my classmates knowledge🎓 before an important exam📝.

Test my Classmates about A Level Physics (9702) Knowledge

Test my Classmates about A Level Physics (9702) Knowledge

8. Take Exercise

Taking exercise🚴‍♀️ can strengthen your body and gain sufficient energy💡 for studying📝.

I have set some of my Daily Goals🏆 about taking exercise and closing Apple Watch goal rings.

Free Time in Transportation

There are some study tasks📝 you can do while travelling. So, which are suitable for each type of transportation✈️?

Car, Taxi and Bus

Simply Speaking: You can do tasks 2 and 7 above in private cars and taxis.

In cars🚙 and buses🚌, they may experience bumpy roads🛣️ where you may hurt your eyes👁️ while reading📖 so this may not be suitable there.

However, you can listen to audio🎧 and chat with your friends👨‍👩‍👧 in the same car/bus.


During the congestion🚧 and when the car is completely stopped (0 km/h), you can also read materials📖 and remember Flashcards📒 (tasks 1 and 6), except for evening🌙.

The more congestion🚧 you experience, the more free study time⏳ you will have.

Guangzhou BRT (Tianhe) Sports Centre Station

Guangzhou BRT (Tianhe) Sports Centre Station

Underground and Tram

Simply Speaking: You can do tasks 1, 2, 6, 7.

Unlike road transportations🛣️, underground🚇, overground and Tram🚆 run in tracks🛤️ with less vibrations📳.

So, apart from audio🎧 and chatting💬, you can also read materials📖 and remember flashcards📒.

Guangzhou Metro

Train and Plane

Simply Speaking: You can do all tasks from 1 to 7 (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).

Trains🚆 and planes✈️ are for long-haul journey usually more than an hour🕰️. So they are suitable for continuous tasks.

You can read📖, listen🎧, watch🎬, discover knowledge, remember flashcards📒 and even do your research🔬 like computer programming🧑‍💻

Please note that the rules📄 for electronic devices📵 may be different among airline✈️ companies. Don’t speak too loudly🔇 in public places.


When your train or plane is delayed⏰, you can also do these tasks while waiting⏳ in the train station or airport.

Waiting for Plane at Baiyun Airport, Guangzhou

Waiting for Plane at Baiyun Airport, Guangzhou

Explore More Study Tips

These are the study tasks📝 you can do in your free time⏳ and in transportation✈️. Hope you can utilise your time🕰️, study and overtake others🔝.

More useful study techniques🛠️ and habits📝 are available on my website. You can Explore More Study Tips if you want.

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1. Related Knowledge displayed in this article is for ease-of-understanding only. I cannot ensure that they are 100% correct.

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