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High School Life/Routine

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Explore my Daily Life

As an International A Level student🧑‍🎓, I usually write articles📄 about my school routine to let my readers📖 know the everyday's📆 life of a student.

Exploring University Daily Life

While searching🔍 online (e.g. blog and YouTube) about student's feelings😀, studying experiences and daily life📆 in universities, I have subscribed to their content since I can learn more🧭 about their school🏫 while choosing universities to apply.

For example, I can learn more about how many hours🕙 a university student work every day/week, the school environment and facilities🏢.

Some channels also share their daily life at weekends📆 as well as their school campus life.

I discovered that they can create motivation🌟 to me since I can look at the environment🏝️ at different places in the images📸 and videos📹.

Sharing my School Life

So, I am also going to share📤 my school🏫 life as well as my life at weekends📆.

My articles in this topic may also contain some Chinese local📍 sceneries and cultures. I live in Guangzhou and my school is in Foshan.

School Life Weekend Life

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