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Brand Resources and Logos

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Last Updated: 12 Dec. 2023 10:20 (GMT+8)

My Personal Brand: Ken's Study Journey

Ken's Study Journey is my personal brand (of my public study resources📚).

The logo has now become a trademark in China, as registered by my parents and their company.

You can use it for sharing and recommendation. However, you cannot impersonate the Ken's Study Journey website and services according to my Terms of Service (Section 16).

My Logo 2023

Logo Meanings

While the original meaning was derived from the 2019 personal logo, an increasing number of new meanings🌟 on the new 2021 logo are discovered🔍 as time goes on.

Main (Original) Meaning

Ken Deng (my English name, while the logo only shows “K D”) likes HTML (web) programming.

Green Bar: the ending slash / in an HTML tag.

Blue: the compliment decorative part inside the Violet area.

Violet: both brackets < and > in an HTML tag.

Meaning 2: Students with Different Grades

Green Bar: the separator between higher and lower grades (success and failure).

Blue and Violet: arrows toward higher and lower grades.

Meaning 3: The Importance of Mathematics

The logo is both central symmetry and axial symmetry (two axis of symmetry both directions).

There are two blue congruent isosceles right triangles.

Meaning 4: Studying on a Desk with Lights

Violet and Blue (top-left corner): light above the desk.

Green Bar: a pen writing on the book.

Blue and Violet (bottom-right corner): a book on the desk.

Meaning 5: Studying with a book/iPad

Green Bar: a pen writing on the book/iPad.

Blue: paper pages in the book or the screen of the iPad.

Violet: the cover of the book/iPad.

Meaning 6: Thinking Out of the Box

Green Bar: the latch (bar) on the box (which should be rotated on the box).

Blue: thinking/exploring outside the box.

Violet: the box container itself.

Meaning 7: Blue and Violet Flowers

Green Bar: the green stem of the flowers.

Blue and Violet: the flower grown on the stem.

The 2021 logo underwent some small changes from the 2020 logo, where 2 light blue triangles are darkened, enlarged and moved to the right positions, emphasising the importance of studying.

Colour Components

There are 3 main colours on the 2021 logo:

  • Violet (#7d0dff; RGB: 125, 13, 255)
  • Green (#00a500; RGB: 0, 165, 0)
  • Blue (#0000ff; RGB: 0, 0, 255)

In 2023, I finally discovered that all colours used in the logo are cold colours.

This means we need to keep calm and be patient to study and develop problem-solving skills.

Related Knowledge

Now, I discovered relevant university Computer Science (COMP1021) knowledge: RGB Colours.

Colours have 3 components: Red (R), Green (G) and Blue (B). Each component has a value from 0 to 255.

Common RGB Values:

  • Red: (255, 0, 0)
  • Green: (0, 255, 0)
  • Blue: (0, 0, 255)
  • Black: (0, 0, 0)

Download and Use Logos

You can download and use my logos for personal use without my permission.

Right click or hold a logo image to download it.

Please follow the guidelines to better promote my brand and avoid misleading.

Logo Guidelines

You can

  • Use either or both English and/or Chinese brand names beside my logo.
  • Use the logo separately without names.
  • Print the logo using only black and white.
  • Rotate the logo.
  • Place the logo in a shallow background colour, with at least 0.8cm spaces between other elements.
  • Place the brand names at the right or bottom of my logo.
  • Use the logo for sharing and recommending my services and resources (e.g. website).

You cannot

  • Stretch or crop the logo (background and borders excepted).
  • Majorly change the colours in the logo (colour differences of printers, monitors, etc. are excepted).
  • Place the logo in a deep background colour.
  • Use the logo with another brand name (Other than Ken, Ken Deng, Ken's Study * ).
  • Use the logo for commercial purposes (sell and earn money / monetise) without my permission.

My Logo 2021

Logo 2021 Apple Shape Apple Shape
Logo 2021 Circle Background Circle Background
Logo 2021 White Background White Background
Logo 2021 Transparent Transparent

My Logo 2020

Logo 2020 Circle Background Circle Background
Logo 2020 White Background White Background
Logo 2020 Transparent Transparent

Old Logo 2019

The 2019 logo is based on my name "Ken Deng" and my hobby (e.g. HTML, Internet).

The logo is followed by "Ken D", my full first name and the first letter of my last name, where K and D are used for HTML tags < and />.

The content in the HTML tag is the lowercase letters "en" which can be expanded as English, Enable, Engineer(ing), Engage, Ensure, etc.

It is similar to the Internet Explorer logo, where the orange line changed to a tunnel, meaning I like Internet (webpage) programming. The tunnel means I want to be successful for webpage programming.

Note: In each section, the first picture is white background. The second picture is transparent.

Normal Logo

Logo 2019 White Background White Background
Logo 2019 Transparent Transparent

Full Square Logo

Logo 2019 Full Square with Name White Background White Background
Logo 2019 Full Square with Name Transparent Transparent

Square Logo

Logo 2019 Square White Background White Background
Logo 2019 Square Transparent Transparent

Invert Position Square Logo

Logo 2019 Invert Position Square White Background White Background
Logo 2019 Invert Position Square Transparent Transparent

Lowercase "e" Only Logo

Logo 2019 Lowercase 'e' only White Background White Background
Logo 2019 Lowercase 'e' only Transparent Transparent

Full Logo

Logo 2019 Full White Background White Background
Logo 2019 Full Transparent Transparent