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Ken's Study Journey Reminder:

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Reminder board of Fake Ken’s Study Journey Websites, Apps and Emails

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Stay Alert about Fake Ken’s Study Journey Websites and Emails

It has recently come to my attention that some of my university friends have received scam telephone calls.

Ken’s Study Journey rigorously checks fake/phishing websites, emails, etc. impersonating Ken’s Study Journey, helping students shape and enjoy a safe study pathway.

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As well as fake emails and websites, Ken's Study Journey also rigorously checks massive website scanning attempts.
Reminder Board of Threatening Ken's Study Journey Website/Internet Security

If you have questions/doubts, forward/send your (received) email to my email contacts to verify.

Examples of fake/phishing websites, emails, etc. will be shown on this page below (scroll down⬇️) once verified.

Be careful of unofficial similar names in emails, e.g.

  • Ken Study
  • Ken Study Journey
  • Ken’s Studying Journey
  • Ken’s Study Trip
  • Ken Study Plan
  • Ken’s Study Planning
  • Although these names may be commonly used by users in informal oral communication, they are also used by phishing/scam emails.
  • Official Name: Ken’s Study Journey (Ken的学习之旅)

For more information and my safety tips, please check the “Anti-phishing” page:

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Fake/Phishing Emails

No fake/phishing emails have been discovered/reported and verified currently.

Any future verified fake/phishing emails will be shown here to protect users.

Fake Ken's Study Journey Websites

No fake Ken's Study Journey websites have been discovered/reported and verified currently.

Any future verified fake websites will be shown here to protect users.