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Ken's Study Journey Reminder:

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The Next Station is University

Welcome aboard Ken's University Study Journey

Hi! I am Ken, a student at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).

In my free time, I share my study tips, habits, tools and school/campus life since 2019, from High School to University.

Ken's Study Journey services will continue throughout my university journey.

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Exploring my University Life

Managing Academics and Living Matters

As a university student at HKUST, I share my university tips and fruitful campus life in my free time.

University is different from high school, where students need to care about not only studies but living matters.

Full Introduction

Campus Life 


My Year 1 Life Time-management Tips Living Matters

More Articles are Coming Soon ...

Ken's Study Journey - My Biggest Personal Project

9 Skills Developed from this Website

Until 2024, I finally realised I have developed 9 skills so far since 2019 with this website project.

Bounded by a single project, most matters are handled on my own without any third-party.

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Planner 4 Interface

Study in Busy Time, Help in Free Time

My New 2023 Missions of Services

I help other students (like Volunteering) with my free Study Tips and Tools in my free time while not affecting my normal study.

Missions of Services 
Next Station University Poster

Discover Knowledge in Real Life

My Invented Tip Since 2019

Discovering🔍, applying🔬 and sharing📤 knowledge in real life can help you remember knowledge firmly, teach others and explain real-life phenomena.

Since 2021, I started sandwiching IGCSETM and A Level knowledge in Green Boxes on my articles📄.

Why Discover Knowledge?  My Invented Tips 
Physics (9702) Knowledge: Projectile Motion

A* Flies to the Sky, Making your Future Bright!

Invited to High School Study Tips Lectures

Being invited📩 by my IELTS School (New Oriental) and our school, I participated in 2 lectures🧑‍🏫 sharing my study tips, experiences, habits and routine⏳.

High School Tips Lectures 
High School Study Tips Sharing Lecture

Ken's Study Planner

My First “Volunteering” Productivity Service

In 2021, I self-invented, designed and programmed Ken's Study Planner online planning tool, opening to the public for free.

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Ken's Study Planner Days Left Counter

Ideal Study Environment Assumptions

Study Productively at Motivating Places

In 2022, I have made some ideal💡 study environment assumptions🤔 where I can achieve perfect productivity🌟, including WiFi🔗 access, relaxing decorations🔮🌿 and music🎧.

My Assumptions 
High WiFi Speed

Featured as an Excellent Student

I have been featured as an excellent student by many extra classes and schools since 2019, as I study hard.

My Achievements