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Ken's Study Journey Reminder:

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Study Productively and Get Outstanding Results (A*)

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A* Exam Motivation Background
Welcome to Ken's Study Journey!
Here are a few things to do to start your diligent and productive study path.
Follow my steps to start your journey.

First, Set your Plan and Goals

You Cannot Pursue yourself without Goals

I have set my explicit study plan, daily and final goals, that allows me to check my study progress and whether I have achieved them.

Now, it's your turn! You need to set your study plan, daily goals and final goals. This will motivate yourself to study towards your aims.

You can write them on a paper or notebook, and then check your daily goals every evening.

  See my Plan/Goals

For Example:

As low as possible firstly. Improve them afterwards.

Daily Goals:

  • Remember at least 5 English words.
  • Read books for at least 10 minutes.
  • ... ...

Final Goals (2022):

  • IGCSE International Exam 6A* 1A
  • IELTS Band 7.0 (6.5 per component)
  • ... ...

Organise your Materials

Save your Study Spaces

Is your study space or room look messy?

You need to organise your materials using your folders. Use one folder per subject.

With subject folders, you can organise your paper materials and make room for your study tasks.

My Subject Folders

List your Upcoming Projects and Events

Be Well-prepared for your Events

You need to make a list of your upcoming exams, competitions, projects, and activities. Write down their dates as well.

Then, prepare for your exams and competitions to get outstanding results.

You can write them down on a paper, record them on Calendar or planner.

For Example:

  • ACSL Competition Round 4 (23 Apr. 2022)
  • A Level International Exam (from 6 May 2022)
  • OUCC Competition Round 1 (8 May 2022)
  • OUCC Competition Round 2 (26 Jun. 2022)
  • ... ...

Create a Checklist of your Items and Routine

Never Forget your Things

With an item checklist, you can prepare and check the things you need to take. It will help you memorise your items like your pencil case, ensuring you have everthing you need for studying and working.

It usually involves the things to take to school, institutes of extra curriculum at weekends, and while travelling. You can add some routines of your morning and evening as well.

My Items Checklist

Sign up for Ken's Study Planner

All-in-one Study Manager

Ken's Study Planner integrated daily goals checklist, events manager, and checklists.

You can record your daily goals, upcoming events, and checklists in it.

You also can see your status on the home page, including days left until your next event.

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Ken's Study Planner Home Page

Create your Tasks List

List your Things you want to do

The daily tasks list combines a number of to-do lists in different time points.

You can arrange tomorrow's tasks list in today evening before sleeping so you will not have hesitation about your tasks.

The tasks list will help you do the right things and focus on your tasks and while studying.

This will significantly boost your productivity as you will not need to think about them.

You can create 2 notes (daily tasks list and tasks pool) and put your tasks using a notes app, like Apple Notes, Microsoft OneNote and EverNote, or write them on a paper.

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Daily Tasks List (Sample)

Explore More Study Tips

I invent, create and/or cite some new study tips based on my situations. My website always publishes my new study strategies.

I also write some articles about my study routine, habits, and news in my free time.

By the way, I also use top banners and encouraging words on my website during (I)GCSE and A Level exam seasons so that you can create motivations to study.

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Hope you can study hard and get better results!

Have any questions or need help? feel free to contact me. I am here for you!

Enjoy my website!