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My History

Welcome abroad Ken's Study Journey productive train!

Now, let's Explore my History!
From 2019 to 2024,
Ken's Study Journey Services Continued for 5 years.
So, what happened in these 5 years?
Let's Get Started!
My Study Journey and Services will Continue ...
March 2024

Self-invented reading questions at the end of articles (up to 5 questions in each article from March 2024).

Article Reading Questions
February 2024

Ken's Study Planner 4 Released and the 5th Anniversary of Ken's Study Journey

Planner 4 Interface

Added more friendly words on Ken's Study Journey services.

Friendly Words: Missed Questions
December 2023

Ken's Study Journey YouTube channel stopped posting new content because YouTube recently started banning ad-blockers and other channels are majorly commercial. (Learn More)

October 2023

Removed London, United Kingdom (GB-LHR-01) edge server due to low usage in western countries/regions.

Added another Hong Kong, China (CN-HKG-02) edge server enhancing university user experience.

Removed all promotions of academic dishonesty (e.g. homework/essay writing) services on social media. (Learn More)

Academic Integrity Reminder Poster
September 2023

Invented "Collaboration for Beginners (零基础合作)" Scheme. (Learn More)

August 2023

Self-developed and programmed an automated reminder system for massively scanning website hidden modules.

Firstly used Big Data and AI Technologies (to maintain website and Internet security).

Ken's Study Journey Internet Security Poster

Ken’s Study Journey website interface 8.0 (colourful) updated.

Ken's Study Journey Website Interface 8.0

Majorly restored memory and agility lost after overtaking others in the past years.

Made my sixth slogan (rhymed) “Study in Busy Time, Help in Free Time”.

Transferred SG-SIN (Singapore) server node to Hong Kong, China (CN-HKG) to enhance user experience for overseas students (e.g. university students in Hong Kong, China).

Made my seventh slogan (rhymed) “New Academic Year, Study Starts Here”.

Recovering the first idea, in 2020, of Study Journey: trains, made the new video/vlog intro, outro and title transition animations.

Next Station University Poster
July 2023

Made my fifth slogan (rhymed) “Let’s Strengthen Security on the State-of-the-art Technology”.

Invited by my Senior High School (GCGS) library sharing book recommendations.

June 2023

Obtained a Copyright Registration for Ken’s Study Planner. (v3.0.1; Web Platform / Online Tool)

Received friendly emails from many users. (e.g. Thank Letter and Feature Requests)

Graduated from Senior High School.

Graduation Ceremony in GCGS
April 2023

Passed China ICP Registration* for Ken’s Study Journey website and servers. (ICP Register Number: 粤ICP备2023036527号)

* ICP (Internet Content Provider, i.e. website) Registration is required to use servers and CDNs (data centres) in China Mainland.

Ken's Study Journey Website ICP Registration

Moved main and core web servers to Guangzhou, China. (user data on other servers were deleted)

Changed the domain name to

Added a Singapore edge server.

Invited by my Senior High School (GCGS) to Share Study Tips in a Lecture.

School Study Tips Sharing Lecture
March 2023

Start storing copies of photos and videos/vlogs on Ken's Study Journey website and web servers to promote equality. (for users where YouTube/Instagram is unavailable)

February 2023

Invited by my IELTS School (New Oriental) to Share Study Tips in a Lecture.

Made my fourth slogan (rhymed) “Make Daily Goals, Burn like Coals.”

Invented my new “4BST (for British Summer Time)” productive study tip.

January 2023

Ken’s Study Planner 3.0 published.

Ken's Study Planner 3.0

Highly attached importance to Internet Security (due to a Data Breach on a social media).
Notice (PDF)

November 2022

Invented a study tool: Ideal Study Environment Assumptions. (updated in 2023)

September 2022

Invented a study tool: Knowledge Board in school apartment.

My Apartment Knowledge Board (Maths)

Hung "A* Flies to the Sky, Making your Future Bright!" banners in our school apartment and at my home.

Home Bedroom A* Banner School Bedroom A* Banner

Added and updated Events Days Left Board in our school apartment.

School Apartment Events Days Left Board
August 2022

Got an A* (27/28) in the EPQ research project.

July 2022

Enabled IPv6 on all server nodes.

Highly attached importance to IPv6 technology.

April 2022

Made my third slogan “Great Study Habits are Productive”.

Invented my “Great Study Habits are Productive” posters.

Great Study Habits Posters
January 2022

Added a UK server to try to attract more visitors in Western countries (failed).

Reason: The Study Tips field outside China was well-developed far before Ken’s Study Journey was founded (from 2016 to 2017), using YouTube (not available in our region), by university students.

Added Green/Blue "IPv6" icon beside the website logo. (Green for IPv6 enabled and Blue for not enabled)

Website Green/Blue IPv6 Icon
November 2021

Raised server bandwidth to 12.5 MB/s (now 25 MB/s) to support 5G (and bandwidth over 100 Mbps) network development.

October 2021

Attempted IPv6 and HTTP/2 support for Ken's Study Journey website.

Invented Daily Tasks List.

Daily Tasks List Sample (2021)
September 2021

Elected by our School’s Student Union (Inspector of Disciplines).

August 2021

Ken’s Study Journey website interface 6.0 updated.

Website 6.0 Interface

Stopped using WordPress and replaced by self-programmed codes.

Made my second slogan (rhymed) “A* Flies to the Sky, Making your Future Bright!”.

July 2021

Ken’s Study Planner (2.0) opened for public registration (for users/students worldwide).

Ken's Study Planner 2.0

Got a Scholarship in an Oxbridge Summer School.

Scholarship in IGCSE Summer School
June 2021

Self-developed email anti-phishing system (with 18-digit unique codes) and applied it to the website.

Check Email Validity

Added audio articles.

February 2021

Self-developed and programmed my first online productivity tool: Study Plan Manager (now Ken’s Study Planner) which could only be used by myself (now opened to the public).

Study Plan Manager (2021)

Started inserting real-life knowledge (Green Boxes) in website articles.

Physics (9702) Knowledge: Projectile Motion
December 2020

Optimised my 2021 Personal Logo (adjusted the colour and location of the two blue triangles).

Ken's Study Journey Logo (2021)
October 2020

Invented and made English vocabulary cards.

English Vocabulary Cards (2020)

Updated portable Daily Goals Checklist Booklet.

Daily Goals Checklist Booklet (2020) Daily Goals Checklist Booklet (2020)
September 2020

Changed personal brand and website names to “Ken’s Study Journey” instead of “Ken Deng”.

Changed the domain name to

Entered Senior High School.

August 2020

Migrated web server to Tencent Cloud (Unmanaged; Server Location: Hong Kong, China) to attract more Chinese visitors (due to many Chinese visitors).

Updated Bedroom "Status Board".

Bedroom Status Board Update (2020)
July 2020

Graduated from Junior High School (PCIS).

Graduation Dinner from PCIS

Made "Terminal of Junior High" poster, further facilitating Study Journey personal brand development.

Terminal of Junior High Poster (2020)
May 2020

Featured by my Junior High School (PCIS) as an Excellent Student. (also being Shared)

Featured by PCIS

Determined the main topic of the website: Study Tips Sharing

March 2020

Shared online lesson tips during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Made my daily study goals and invented my first study tool “Daily Goals Checklist”.

My Daily Goals (2020) My Daily Goals Checklist (2020)
January 2020

Made "Terminal of Semester" poster and mentioned "Study Journey". (an inspiration of "Ken's Study Journey" brand)

Terminal of Semester Poster (2020)

Invented Bedroom "Status Board".

Bedroom Status Board (2020)
December 2019

Updated my 2020 Personal Logo.

My Personal Logo (2020)

Published the first real-life knowledge on WeChat Moments.

Sharing Knowledge on WeChat Moments

Invented my first study tip: Discover, Apply and Share academic knowledge in real life.

Updated my 2020 website interface.

Website 4.0 Interface
November 2019

Entered the Top 10 in our grade and the Top 1 in our class in the mid-semester exam.

Overtook most students in our Junior High School (in Grade 9).

October 2019

Featured by Tongcheng Tongmei (TCTM) as a Star Student. (in our region only)

Invented bedroom signs. (now replaced by Great Study Habits are Productive posters in 2022)

Brush Teeth and Wash Face Bedroom Sign (2019) Phone Charge Bedroom Sign (2019)
June 2019

Changed website hosting provider to GoDaddy. (Managed WordPress; Server Location: Phoenix, US)

Added Chinese-Simplified (简体中文) language on the website.

Designed my first 2019 Personal Logo.

My Personal Logo (2019)

Made my first slogan “Keep Studying during the Holidays!”

April 2019

Featured by Aipei English as an Excellent Student. (also being Shared)

Featured by Aipei English
March 2019

Registered the first website domain name

February 2019

Opened my personal blog/website “Ken Deng” (my English name) (, English-only version, now deleted) using (Server Location: San Francisco, US)

Main Purpose: Communicate with English language speakers (using the Comment Form) and boost my English skills.

Website 1.0 Interface
September 2018

Discovered the first Physics knowledge in real life: s = vt

Realised the importance of studying.

Start Here!

My First Study Methodology

(2019) Discover, Apply and Share Knowledge in Real Life

My First Study Tool

(2020) Daily Goals Checklist

My First Study Tips Sharing Lecture

(2023) Lecture in IELTS School (New Oriental)

My First Domain Name