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Last Update: 8 Nov. 2023 12:00 (GMT+8)

Ken’s Study Journey (sub-brands) is opening for collaboration with new sub-brands since mid-2023, facilitating service development and boosting my communication skills.


Due to historical reasons, being a personal🧑‍🎓 website and project, no collaboration was allowed between 2019 and 2023.

Ken's Study Journey is my personal brand and projects only managed by myself (including Ken's Study Planner), where I occupy all “positions”.

My Positions and Tasks

  1. ⌨️ Code Programming (Web and Backend only; not including apps)
  2. 🗃️ Server Maintenance (Linux only; including IT)
  3. 🎨 Design: UI (User Interface), UX (User Experience), Posters, Animations, etc.
  4. 🎬 Video/Vlog Recording and Editing
  5. 🔍 Real-life Knowledge Discovery (Knowledge Discovery Ambassadors)

A new brand for Ken's Study Planner (a sub-brand of Ken's Study Journey), which will no longer be named using my English name “Ken”, may be established at the start of 2024.

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Ken's Study Planner may no longer be my personal project since 2024, facilitating service development and expansion.

The following will apply after the brand upgrade, facilitating future service development:

  • Ken's Study Journey (main site): majorly having personal content, no collaboration will be allowed and it will continue sharing my personal study tips and life;
  • Ken's Study Planner (new sub-brand): will open for public collaboration, developing and improving with friends and other collaborators.

"Collaboration for Beginners" Scheme

Most of my friends may not have appropriate and sufficient skills for collaboration.

If I invite my friends to collaborate with technical tests and/or interviews, everyone will fail (be unsuccessful).

To solve this problem, welcoming students with interests but without skills, Ken's Study Journey self-invented the “Collaboration for Beginners (零基础合作)” scheme.

It is under trial and is only available to university students in Hong Kong, China currently, but will expand later.

Update (on 8 Nov. 2023):

Ken's Study Journey encourages participants to trial-and-error. You have unlimited times for each task.

The collaboration is on a task-based basis. You can pick up, finish and submit the tasks you are interested in at any time.

Collaboration Guidelines

The services and collaboration are non-profit and non-commercial.

Collaborators should:

  • follow China laws and regulations *;
  • make positive impacts to Ken's Study Journey and the study community;
  • ensure equality and No discrimination or limits against any user;
  • not disclose (i.e. leak) Ken's Study Journey confidential source codes (this will threaten Internet and data security);
  • not force Ken's Study Journey (including its sub-brands and branches) to be involved in any political, public and academic misconduct/dishonesty activities.

Note: Considering the lack of knowledge of China laws and regulations for some foreigners, you will be educated and will learn how to follow for such violations.

Collaboration Types

Note: These are only typical examples. This is not an exhaustive list.

  • Student Helper (the “Collaboration for Beginners” scheme)
  • Peer Development
  • (etc.)

Sponsors are generally not acceptable since my services are non-profit and non-commercial.

Followed by a proposal for creating a university club from a friend, Ken's Study Journey is considering whether to collaborate with the university itself.

Update (on 8 Nov. 2023):

All participants for the "Collaboration for Beginners" scheme will automatically become Student Helpers for the new sub-brand after the 2024 brand upgrade.

Individuals or organisations possessing similar skills and/or interests can apply for Peer Development.

Have Interests?

Feel free to contact me and send your collaboration ideas and/or requests if you are interested in (regardless of your location and identity).

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