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Ken's Study Journey Reminder:

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Reminder Board of Threatening Ken's Study Journey Website/Internet Security

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Ken’s Study Journey Strives to Maintain Internet Security

Say “No” to Massive Website Scanning

Ken’s Study Journey rigorously (strictly) checks massive website scanning attempts, maintaining a safe environment for the Ken’s Study Journey website/platform and user study plans.

The Automated Reminder System for Threatening Website Security (Massive Scanning Website Hidden Modules) is a self-developed technology from Ken's Study Journey.

My server's Web-Application Firewall (WAF) and Automated Reminder System will automatically remind scanners.

Due to the following reasons, this Reminder Board has stopped service from June 2024. However, the Reminder System will continue to warn and deter mass scanners.

  1. Some repeated offenders continue to scan websites worldwide.
  2. Some scanners are from many legitimate IP addresses (e.g. household broadband, university network) with the same User-Agent in a very short time. They may hack into devices worldwide illegally.

Scan Types include:

  • Open-source Website Framework Modules
    (including but not limited to, WordPress modules)
  • Website Backend Modules
    (including but not limited to, "php", "jsp", "asp", "aspx" and "sql")
  • Website Admin Entrance
  • Non-existent APIs and APP Ports
  • Website Code Backup Zip Files
  • Website Login Pages (User Names and Passwords)
  • Credential Stuffing Attack
  • SQL injection
  • XSS attack
Ken's Study Journey Internet Security Poster

Ken's Study Journey Internet Security Poster