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Study Environment

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Places I Study

I study in a variety of places, including café☕️, libraries🏢, bookstores🏬, transportations🚆, parks🏝️, and my home🏡.

By studying in different environments, you will not be bored and hence be motivated🌟.

Study Places 

I Study at Café and Library

Bedroom Decorations

You can also decorate your bedroom🪄 while you are staying at home (due to pandemic, lockdown, etc.). This can enhance the studying vibe📝 without going outside🏘️.

You can use a variety of items, including leaves🌿, flowers🌷, fairy lights🌟, electronic fake candles🕯️, pinboards🖼️, stickers🏙️, and perfumes🍵.

My Bedroom Tour 

My Bedroom Decorations (2022)

My Ideal Study Environment Assumptions

Similar to Ideal Gas💨 in Physics⚛️, the last one is my ideal💡 study environment assumptions🤔 where I can achieve perfect productivity🌟.

I have several assumptions of conditions for my Ideal Study Environment. For example,

  • 1. WiFi🔗 is Provided (Minimum Speed💨: 50 Mbps (6.25 MiB/s))
  • 2. Enough Lights💡 and Illumination
  • 3. Enough Places📦 to Put Items
  • 4. Electronic Devices💻 are Allowed✅
  • 5. Suitable Desk Height🪧 and Wide Desk
  • 6. Comfortable Chair/Sofa🛋️
  • 7. Has Charging🔋 Ports🔌
  • 8. Food🥙 and Drinks☕️ are Allowed
  • 9. Quiet🤫 (less than 70 dB)
  • 10. Zero Distraction📵, Boredom and Tiredness😴
  • 11. Versatile Decorations🌿
  • 12. Can Stay for a Long Time⏳
  • 13. Relaxing Music🎵🎧
  • 14. No Need to Purchase💷 Items to Stay Here
  • 15. Has Clocks🕘 and/or Timers⏳
  • 16. (New in 2023) Has Peer Pressure👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 (at least 1 other person here, including staff)

Like Ideal Gas, my Ideal Study Environment assumptions may be unachievable❌ in some places.

At my home, I have been making my environment closer and closer🔗 to the criteria.

Learn More 

My Ideal Study Environment at Home

My Ideal Study Environment at Home

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