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How to Study Productively and Concentrate during Online Lessons?

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By: Ken Deng   Published on 11 Mar. 2020 , Updated on 1 Dec. 2022

Approx. 1050 words, 5 mins

Online lessons can be the best time for top students to overtake others, so we need to be concentrated and boost productivity.

Due to the escalation of the pandemic, some students may need to have online lessons at home, but online lessons can be distracting.

Today, I am gonna give you my 13 tips to be concentrated and study productively during online lessons. Here we go!

Note: This article was updated from my article in 2020 in my online Junior High School, PCIS.

1. Listen Carefully and Take Notes

My first tip is to listen carefully and take notes.

Listening carefully is the most important thing. Teachers teach knowledge at a fast speed, so you will miss some important knowledge points once you are distracted.

You also need to take notes, especially definitions and formulae, as you may forget them after class.

In order to make a better impression, you need to listen carefully before writing down any notes.

Some teachers may be asking students some questions at any time or checking their notebooks at school to make sure students are listening carefully.

2. Interact with the Class

My second tip is to interact with the class.

If teachers are asking some questions, you can answer them in the discussion area.

Every student needs to be confident to answer questions whether your answer is correct or incorrect.

The knowledge can be stuck in your brain if you are active to answer the questions. It can check if you have the knowledge or not.

Answer Questions in the Chat Box

Answer Questions in the Chat Box

3. Hand in Homework On Time

My third tip is to hand in homework on time.

In some classes, you may need to take photos of your paper-based homework and submit them.

Whether your teacher is checking your homework or not, you always can finish them and check the answers (if provided).

Utilising the online lessons time and gain more knowledge by actively doing homework can overtake others.

Submit Homework PDF File

Submit Homework PDF File

4. Ask Teachers if you Can't Understand

Sometimes, you may not understand some knowledge points.

But don't worry, you can always ask your teachers or classmates about the missing or broken knowledge. They will be glad to answer your questions.

I remember the questions on my notebook during the class, and then ask the teacher immediately once the class overs except one-by-one lessons.

In order to remember the answers firmly, you should write down your questions and the answers in your notebook.

Ask Teachers some Questions

Submit Homework PDF File

5. Remove Other Items and Apps

Messy items around your desk can be distracting, including phone and game console. So, you need to remove them as possible.

They can also occupy your space and so you will not have space to put your materials.

Closing unrelated apps is crucial when having online lessons. It is a way to get rid of random pop-ups and notifications.

They can significantly occupy your computer memory and bandwidth during the lessons, especially files downloading and videos editing software. So, your connection may be slow or lost occasionally.

Close Apps and Avoid Notifications

Close Apps and Avoid Notifications

6. Close Door and Hang Signs

Different people do things in different rooms, such as the bedroom, living room, kitchen, study, and so on.

Closing the door can obstruct the noises from other rooms. It is a physics knowledge I have learned in my junior high school.

You can also hang a door sign, my methodology since 2020, to notify your family members.

My Bedroom Door Signs (2022, latest)

7. Close Translucent Curtains

Curtains in the bedroom can absorb lights and let you have a better sleep.

My bedroom has translucent and opaque curtains, so I close the translucent one before a lesson.

There are some sceneries outside the window which can distract you away from the lesson.

Close Translucent Curtains

Close Translucent Curtains

8. Different Students in Different Rooms

There is a number of rooms at home. If you have other student family members, they should have lessons in different rooms.

There may be discussions during the lesson, so they will interfere with each other in the same room.

Different Students in Different Rooms

Different Students in Different Rooms

9. Keep a Good Sitting Posture

In order to focus on the lesson, you need to keep a good sitting posture. Don't be too close to the computer screen.

If you have a bad sitting posture, you will feel tired and it will distract you away from the lesson.

I adjust my sitting posture on my desk every 5 minutes.

Keep a Correct Seating Posture

Keep a Correct Seating Posture

10. Adjust to a Suitable Volume

You may use a headphone or a speaker to have an online lesson and their volume can be adjusted.

Loud voice can hurt your ears and low volume can make you hard to concentrate, so choosing to a suitable volume is essential.

Adjust to a Suitable Volume

Adjust to a Suitable Volume

11. Use a Computer/iPad instead of a Phone

The phone screens are very small, which can hurt your eyes. Computer and iPad screens are much larger than phone screens.

So, using computers can study faster and efficiently during online lessons as you can see everything clearly and larger.

Use Computer to Have Lessons

Use Computer to Have Lessons

12. Take a Rest and Exercise

While having online lessons, you also need to take a rest and exercise in the class intervals (if they are long enough).

You always need to look at the screen during the lessons, so taking a rest and exercise can let you be energised and reduce tiredness.

13. Sleep Early and Get Up Early

It is crucial to sleep and get up early because they need to be energised to study, or you may not able to concentrate during the lessons.

I sleep at 22:30 and get up at 06:30. I also have my morning and evening routines after getting up and before sleeping.

My Sleeping Reminder on Desk Clock

My Sleeping Reminder on Desk Clock

Keep Studying during the Holidays!

Previously, I usually say "Keep Studying during the Holidays!".

Yes, it's true. It used to be my slogan in 2020.

You should listen carefully and study effectively even if you are not in school. You can also apply the knowledge in real-life to remember them firmly.

You be able to go outside one day and I will carry a huge database of knowledge learned in online lessons and explore the world happily.

Explore More Study Tips

This is the article about my ways to study effectively when having online lessons. I hope you can gain more knowledge with my suggestions.

More useful study techniques and habits are available on my website. You can Explore More Study Tips if you want.

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1. Related Knowledge displayed in this article is for ease-of-understanding only. I cannot ensure that they are 100% correct.

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