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Achievements and News

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Good Study Performance are Rewarding

I also write articles📄 every time I have great news🌟, including prizes🏅, certificates🪪, qualifications and scholarships💰, sharing my tips💡 and feelings.

Study Tips Lectures

Being invited📩 by my IELTS School (New Oriental) and our senior high school, I participated in 2 lectures🧑‍🏫 sharing my study tips, experiences, habits and routine⏳.

Study Tips Lectures 

School Study Tips Sharing Lecture

School Study Tips Sharing Lecture

Featured by Schools

I have been featured as an excellent student🏅 by many extra classes and schools🏫 since 2019, as I have studied hard⚡️ during my junior high school journey.

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All Articles by Date

Ken's Study Journey 5th Anniversary | Recalling the Past & Planner 4
14 Feb. 2024
Sharing my Study Tips, Habits and Experiences in Citywide Lectures
9 Jul. 2023
A Letter to Students (2023) - Ending my A Level Study Journey
21 May 2023
My 2023 Study Plan, Goals, Decorations and Public Resources Update
1 Jan. 2023
I Got a Scholarship in IGCSE Oxbridge Summer School
1 Aug. 2021
I have been Featured by my Junior High School as an Excellent Student
24 May 2020
Great News! I have been Featured by my Programming Extra Class!
25 Oct. 2019
Aipei English Extra Class Improved my English Score Very Fast
13 Apr. 2019
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