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Knowledgeable Trips

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Studying while Relaxing

I often write articles📄 about my travelling routes🛣️ and sceneries while relaxing🏝️ and travelling🚆. By the way, I usually discover🔍 and share📤 knowledge🎓 in real life.

Why Discover Knowledge? 

Physics (9702) Knowledge: Projectile Motion

Physics (9702) Knowledge: Projectile Motion

Study Everywhere

As well as studying📝 in a classroom🧑‍🏫, I also do some study tasks such as discover🔍 and share📤 knowledge in real life and remember English words📒 while travelling.

Enjoy the Scenery

You can also enjoy the scenery🏝️ during a trip.

For example, when I was going to Guangzhou City Centre at Zhujiang Newtown and Canton Tower🗼 for sightseeing in the evening, I have discovered Physics⚛️ knowledge.

Follow my Instagram: @kenstudyjourney for more breathtaking photos📸 and sceneries.

All photos will also be synchronised🔗 and displayed on my website.

My Photos 

My Favourite Places in Guangzhou, China

Photos taken around March to December 2023.

Canton Tower

Guangzhou Metro: Canton Tower Station (Line 3 and APM Line; (3|09) (APM|01))

Canton Tower (View from Huacheng Square)

Zhujiang New Town
(Along the Guangzhou Metro APM Line)

Zhujiang New Town (Huacheng Square)

Guangzhou Library

Guangzhou Metro: Guangzhou Opera House Station (APM Line; (APM|03))

Guangzhou Library Outside

Shamian (island)

Guangzhou Metro: Huangsha Station (Line 1 and Line 6; (1|05) (6|07))

Shamian Island, Guangzhou

Pazhou Internet Innovation Area

Guangzhou Metro: Modiesha Station (Line 8 and Line 18; (8|05) (18|07))

Did you know?

Following the latest technology development, the speed of Guangzhou Metro Line 18 and Line 22 can reach 160 km/h

Pazhou Internet Innovation Area (VIPShop and Alibaba)

Phoenix City (Residential Area; Refurbished in 2023; where Ken's Study Journey Guangzhou headquarters nestle)

HKUST (Guangzhou Campus)

Guangzhou Metro: Dongchong Station (Line 4; (4|12))

HKUST (GZ) Campus Environment


Be careful of the destinations (shown on the platform screens) when taking Guangzhou Metro Line 4, whether is Xinzao or Nansha Passenger Port.

Some trains are short trains (called "小交路" in Chinese) stopping service at Xinzao (can't reach HKUST (GZ)).

Short Trains (to Xinzao) in Guangzhou Metro Line 4

Short Trains (to Xinzao) in Guangzhou Metro Line 4

More Photos

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