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A Knowledgeable Trip in South China Botanical Garden (Guangzhou)

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By: Ken Deng   Published on 25 Feb. 2023

Approx. 600 words, 3 mins

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In the weekend📆, I have been to South China Botanical Garden (Guangzhou) to discover plants🌿 and knowledge🎓, and find inspiration✨, helping me improve decorations🏡.

How I Knew this Place?

Previously, I travelled via Guangzhou Metro Line 6 which passed through the Botanical Garden (6|23) station.

I recently grew some flowers💐 around my home balcony and garden🏡 for decorations, so I am interested🔍 in learning more about plants🌿.

My Bedroom Balcony Garden

By combining these two ideas together🔗, I made a decision to head there🚊 and explore🔍 more about flowers💐, plants🌿 and, by the way🏘️ and more importantly, garden design ideas🏡.

Metro Line 6 Passes Through Botanical Garden

Metro Line 6 Passes Through Botanical Garden

Exploring Botanical Garden

Then we headed to the Botanical Garden🌿
 and started my exploration🔍, relax and study🎓 journey.

Welcome Flowers

Enjoying Nature

The first step is to enjoy the light☀️ and breath in the fresh air💨 directly from the nature🌲.

Trees and Flower Vessels

Inspiration 1: Arch🛣️

While walking in the huge garden🏡, I was inspired by the arch above the path🛣️.

Two Shapes of Arches on the Path

Then we had a lunch🥙 at a canteen inside with a breathtaking exterior design.

Canteen with Breathtaking Exterior Design

Canteen with Breathtaking Exterior Design


After lunch🥙, we headed to the greenhouses🏡 area, enjoying different indoor atmosphere🌳.

Entering📥 the main gate of the area, it is directly the tropical shrubbery house🌳 with some welcome flowers🌷 again.

Welcome Flowers in front of Greenhouses

Inside the house, there are several stories and bridges🌉.

Bridges and Waterfalls in Greenhouses

Related Knowledge

Now, let's talk about relevant A Level Physics (9702) Knowledge: Projectile Motion💦.

The motion of the waterfall🌊 on a cliff🏔️ has Horizontal➡️ and Vertical⬇️ components.

The horizontal velocity is constant,
 but it is experiencing vertical acceleration of gravity🔽:
 9.81 m s-2.

The initial vertical velocity is zero.

Physics (9702) Knowledge: Projectile Motion

Physics (9702) Knowledge: Projectile Motion

Inspirations 2 and 3: Rattans🌿 and Hanging Pots🪴

On the bridges, there are several rattans🌿 around the fences🚧 as well as some flower pots🪴 hanging on the roof.

Bridges with Rattans and Hanging Pots

Inside this area, we also explored other greenhouses🏘️ for different kinds of plants🎍.

Arch and Cactus in Greenhouses

There are also some desert plants🏜️ outside buildings.

While hearing the ambulance🚑 sound📢 beside cactus🌵, I discovered🔍 Physics knowledge.

Cactus and Ambulance outside Greenhouses

Cactus and Ambulance outside Greenhouses

Related Knowledge

Now, let's talk about relevant A Level Physics (9702) Knowledge: Doppler Effect🏎️.

When an ambulance🚑 is approaching the observer🎤, 
the observed frequency of the sound is higher⬆️, 
so the pitch is also higher.

When it is moving away🌬️,
 both frequency and pitch will be lower⬇️.

Physics (9702) Knowledge: Doppler Effect

Physics (9702) Knowledge: Doppler Effect

Inspiration 4: Mirror Pillars🪞 and Sands🏜️

Outside the buildings, I was also inspired by the design with mirror pillars🪞 with sands🏜️.

Mirror Pillars with Sands

Mirror Pillars with Sands

After the last house🏡, we exited📤 the greenhouses area and our journey ends here.

But before exiting the botanical garden🌲, I discovered local people wearing the uniform👕 and a bicycle🚴 on a bend road.

Path with Camping Tents; Local People and Bike

Related Knowledge

Now, let's talk about relevant A Level Physics (9702) Knowledge: Circular Motion🔘.

Friction of the bicycle🚵‍♀️ provides centripetal force🔄.

The velocity is constant⚖️ in both speed and magnitude. The centripetal acceleration is always perpendicular to the velocity.

Physics (9702) Knowledge: Circular Motion

Physics (9702) Knowledge: Circular Motion

Explore More Study Tips

This is my exploration🔍, relax and study🎓 journey in South China Botanical Graden🌲. Hope you enjoy and discover knowledge🔍 from it.

More useful study techniques🛠️ and habits📝 are available on my website. You can Explore More Study Tips if you want.

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1. Related Knowledge displayed in this article is for ease-of-understanding only. I cannot ensure that they are 100% correct.

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