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A Relaxing and Knowledgeable Trip at Xunliao Bay and Luofu Mountain

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By: Ken Deng   Published on 6 Oct. 2021

Approx. 1300 words, 6 mins

Hello there! My name is Ken and I am a Chinese A Level student. Welcome to Ken's Study Journey website and blog!

Recently, I travelled to Xunliao Bay and Luofu Mountain at Huizhou to relax, take exercise, and discover some knowledge in real life. I had fun while studying.

I have already been to Xunliao Bay last year with my family.

We should have gone to Yangjiang because it was rainy during the days we were travelling. So, we had changed the plan for the relaxation journey several days before travelling.

I also have discovered, explained and shared some knowledge, especially physics, to my classmates on the go. So, there is a way to help me revise knowledge without tiredness. It is one of my study tips. Why we should Discover Knowledge in Real Life?

Now, I am going to share some photos and my experiences about this journey. Follow me!

Day 1: 3 October

Afternoon: Going to Xunliao Bay

In the afternoon, we packed up our luggage and departed to Xunliao Bay by car. There were no traffic congestion, so we arrived there rapidly.

After arrival, we entered the hotel and put our luggage. Then, we had dinner on a platform outside the hotel to enjoy not only local mouthwatering seafood but also natural sound and scenery straightly from the sea.

The trip was happened during China National Day festival, so there are some China national flags hang in the sky and on the wall.

Day 2: 4 October

Morning: Swimming in the Sea

On the second day, we swam in the sea and enjoyed the wave come from it. There are some yachts beside the sea, but we didn't do these kinds of entertainment activities.

While swimming in the sea, I have discovered some physics knowledge. On my new website, I have started writing some knowledge explanations as well as sharing knowledge in the real-life context. You can see my explanations if you wish.

Related Knowledge

The first physics knowledge I have discovered is Specific Heat Capacity.

Do you know why is the temperature change of water is very slow? This is because its specific heat capacity is so high, which is 4.2 × 103 J kg-1 ºC-1.

When we heat both 1 kg water and sand for 1 ºC, the energy absorbed from water is far more than sand.

Related Knowledge

The second physics knowledge I have discovered is Evaporation.

Do you know why we usually get cold after swimming? It is related to evaporation of water.

There are 2 ways for liquids to form gases: evaporation and boiling.

The water molecules on the surface have enough energy to escape from the liquid and form water vapour, so the remaining water has less energy and lower temperature.

Related Knowledge

The third physics knowledge I have discovered is Tidal Energy.

Do you know why the sea level usually falls in the morning and rises in the evening?

In the evening, there is a gravity in the moon that attracts the water on the ocean. So, its level rises in this time.

Afternoon: Going to Luofu Mountain

After lunch at a seafood restaurant opposite to the hotel, we packed up our luggage and went to Luofu Mountain.

Similarly, we entered a hotel after arriving at there. The hotel is adjacent to the Luofu Mountain, so we can breathe in fresh air.

Related Knowledge

Now, I would like to talk about a relevant chemistry knowledge: Photosynthesis.

The trees can absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) and release oxygen (O2). So, we can breathe in fresh air on the mountain.


Evening: Enjoying the Hot Spring

After dinner, we enjoyed the hot spring next to the hotel.

There are different kinds of hot springs along with some medicines that are useful to make our bodies healthier. This can let us gain energy before climbing the mountain and be exuberant afterwards on the next day.

Note: The photos are not taken and shown for privacy purposes.

Day 3: 5 October

Morning and Afternoon: Climbing Luofu Mountain

During the last day of the trip, we have climbed the Luofu Mountain.

Unfortunately, the cableway was under maintenance, so we needed to climb the mountain manually throughout the route. We should have approached the zenith of the mountain because we felt out of gas as a result. Also, the gradient of the slope is very large. The angle to the horizontal is about 50º.

Eventually, there are 2 km to the summit where we have started to return and end our journey. I can imagine that climbing this mountain is as difficult as STEP exam.

More importantly, we didn't eat lunch because there are no restaurants at the top of the mountain.


We should be presistent whenever we are facing difficult challenges. Although we cannot arrive at its terminal, we still can move our body to make our body healtier.

At the bottom of the mountain, there is an environmental information board, in which I have discovered an AS Level physics knowledge.

Luofu Mountain Environmental Information Board
Related Knowledge

The fourth physics knowledge I discovered is Unit Prefixes.

Some numbers are very large while some numbers are small. So, we usually use standard form to tell numbers. For example, the density of water is 1.0 ✕ 103 kg m-3 and the light speed in vacuum is close to 3.0 ✕ 108 m s-1.

Now, there are some unit prefixes to tell these standard forms more easily. For example, 1 kg (kilograms) = 1000 g (grams).

Prefix Amount
T (Tera) 1012
G (Giga) 109
M (Mega) 106
k (kilo) 103
c (centi) 10-2
m (mill) 10-3
μ (micro) 10-6
n (nano) 10-9
p (pico) 10-12

Showing Health Codes

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are required to show our Yuekang (Guangdong Health) Code and Itinerary cards using WeChat while entering some hotels and tourism attractions.

Did you Know?

Now, I will tell you what are health codes.

Everyone in China is needed to register a health code and fill in your information. It includes your real name, ID card number and health information. It is required to show your codes in some places and the staff will inspect them.

There are 3 colours, green, yellow and red. Green code means you are safe. Yellow code means you may have been to hazardous areas and red code means dangerous.

Itinerary card records your itinerary in the past 14 days to make sure you have not been to hazardous areas. It is made by 3 major ISPs and mobile phone careers, China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom.

If you are travelling in China, please register your health codes as soon as possible using WeChat. It will be required in many places there, including Guangzhou Metro.

Now, I will show you some sunflower codes of mini programs of health codes in Guangdong province. If you have trouble for registering your health codes, you can find instructions on the Internet or contact me for further instructions.

Health Codes Mini Program

Evening: Going Back to Guangzhou

We finally assembled at the bottom of the mountain, having dinner beside afterwards with some local food such as Yaoji (窑鸡).

After that, we went back to Guangzhou and I will have IELTS lessons in Guangzhou city centre in the following days.

Utilising my Spare Time

During the trip, I always utilise my spare time to study.

I listen to English audio, including podcasts and TED talks, in the car. Also, I discover academic knowledge in real life and then share them on WeChat Moments.

What's more? I usually finish my homework while waiting for food in restaurants.

Learn how Top Students Utilise their Free Time


This trip made me feel alleviated and, by the way, I have discovered and shared some physics knowledge in real life.

Ken's Study Journey strives to provide high-quality articles about my tips and tutorials to study productively, together with some knowledge explanations. If you need help, I am here for you.

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Xuliao Bay and Luofu Mountain Trip Cover

1. Related Knowledge displayed in this article is for ease-of-understanding only. I cannot ensure that they are 100% correct.

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