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Celebrating 2023 Chinese New Year | Studying and Enjoying Culture

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By: Ken Deng   Published on 29 Jan. 2023

Approx. 900 words, 4 mins

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In the 2023 winter vacation✈️, I enjoyed our local food🌮, scenery⛰️ and culture🕺 in my hometown🏚️. I also studied📝 and discovered knowledge🎓 in real life, as shown in Green Boxes below.

We have also conducted a wide range of activities🎁 to celebrate the Chinese New Year🧧.

Today, I am going to share my 2023 winter cultural🕺 and knowledgable🎓 study journey🛣️. Here we go!

Day 1: 19 to 20 Jan.

After a Further Maths🧮 international exam📝, we immediately packed up our luggage🧳 in the evening.

On 20 January🗓️ at 09:00, we loaded our items🧳 onto the car🚙 and departed💨 from our home🏠.

During the journey🛣️, I listened to English audio🎧 which is one of my daily goals🏆 (study plan).

By observing the scenery on the road side🛣️, I have discovered the Grid System🔌.

Luggage and Grid System during the Journey

Related Knowledge

Now, let's talk about relevant A Level Physics (9702) knowledge: Grid System

With a high voltage (V), the current (I) will be lower under the same power (P), P = VI. This will reduce energy loss.

Grid System in Physics

Grid System in Physics

Fortunately, the WiFi📡 is now available there, along with IPv6 support, so I could share our culture🥙 without leaving our area.

Did you Know?

My first thing to do after connecting to a WiFi is to check its IP address and hence the ISP(s) used, whether using China Telecom, Mobile or Unicom and whether it has IPv6 support.

Let's say, my home uses Telecom, but my school and hometown use Mobile.

Check Hometown WiFi ISP Used

Check Hometown WiFi ISP Used

Day 2: 21 Jan.

The second day of my journey, 21 January, is the day before the Spring Festival🧧.

My family has just bought some celebration items including red envelopes🧧, lanterns🏮 and couplets📕. So, we hung and stuck the latter around the door.

In the evening🌙, we had dinner🍲 together in our family and watched the Spring Festival Gala📺 until the next day at 00:30.

Hang Couplet, Have Dinner Together

Day 3 to 4: 22 to 23 Jan.

The third day is the first day of the Spring Festival🧧.

At 00:00⏰, according to our traditions🧨, my family shoots fireworks🎆 on time.

Related Knowledge

Now, let's talk about relevant A Level Physics (9702) knowledge: Conservation of Momentum and Uniform Acceleration

The initial momentum of the firework is zero as it is stationary. When the firework is shoot, the momentum is conserved with an initial vertical velocity.

Then, it experiences uniform deceleration -9.81 m s-2.

Physics Knowledge of Fireworks

Physics Knowledge of Fireworks

The first two days were rainy🌧️, so we stayed at home🏠 and have done our personal tasks📝.

Fireworks and Personal Tasks

Day 5: 24 Jan.

In the fifth day when the weather became sunny☀️, we visited🏠 relative's homes nearby🧭 in the same town🏘️ but in different villages.

I not only got a lot of red envelopes🧧 with lucky money💸 but also made some friends👨‍👩‍👧 and communicated with each other.

Red Envelopes and Relatives' Home

Day 6: 25 Jan. (My Favourite Day)

The sixth day is my favourite day🎁 when I enjoyed our culture🥙 with the uniform👕 of our Chinese nationality: Mulao (仫佬族).

I first visited a museum🏰 with my family to learn more about and enjoy our culture.

Then we headed to a park🏕️ nearby to walk around🚶 and climb mountain⛰️ and hence close rings on my Apple Watch (my last 4 daily goals).

Climbing mountains could be tiring😰, but I finally reached the pinnacle🏁 of it.


Always be persistent⛳️ and never give up. You will always be successful✅ one day in the future🔮.

Me in Museum and Mountain Pinnacle

We also enjoyed our local food🌮, including White Cake (白糕) and Bighead Noodles (大头粉).

Our Local Food: White Cake (白糕) and Bighead Noodles (大头粉)

By wearing our uniform👕, I also have a sense of belongings in my hometown🏠.

So far, my hometown has almost become a tourist attraction🏞️.

Did you Know?

In recent years, there is a new highway🛣️ directly passes through my hometown area🏘️, which not only reduces travel time⏱️ but also attracts more exotic tourists and visitors👨‍👩‍👧.

I Wear our Nationality Uniform

While I am a student🧑‍🎓 in cities🌉 (e.g. at home🏠 and school🏫), I represent one of our members🙋 of our nationality enjoying😊 and showcasing🎪 our local culture🥙 in my hometown🏚️.

I Welcome Visitors at my Hometown

Day 7: 26 Jan.

On the last day🗓️ of this journey, our hometown has organised🗒️ a barbecue🍗 activity celebrating🎉 the establishment🏗️ of a new park🏕️ in my hometown🏘️, accelerating💨 our hometown's tourism and economic development💸.

New Park and Barbecue Activity

Day 8 to 9: 27 to 28 Jan.

The eighth day puts an end🟥 to my hometown journey🚙. We packed up our luggage🧳 and went back to Guangzhou city and my modern home🏡.

Unfortunately, we lived in a hotel🏨 halfway due to congestion🚧 on the highway🛣️, but I kept listening to audio🎧 again.


The more congestion🚧 you experience, the more free time⏳ you will have.

So, during the congestion, always use your free time to study📝.

Highway to Go Back and Hotel Halfway

Related Knowledge

Now, let's talk about relevant A Level Computer Science (9618) knowledge: CSMA/CD

CSMA/CD detects🚨 and resolves🛠️ collision on Internet cables🔌. Similarly, we live in a hotel🏨 nearby and wait for a random time⏳ if we experience congestion🚧 on the highway.

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During the Spring Festival🧧, I had such an unforgettable journey in my hometown🏘️.

Hope you can enjoy our culture🥙 and discover more knowledge🎓 in real life in your journey✈️ too.

More useful study techniques🛠️ and habits📝 are available on my website. You can Explore More Study Tips if you want.

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1. Related Knowledge displayed in this article is for ease-of-understanding only. I cannot ensure that they are 100% correct.

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