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Notice about Maintaining Academic Integrity on Ken’s Study Journey

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By: Ken Deng   Published on 20 Sep. 2023

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Update (5 October)

According to my "Be Tolerant to Users" Missions of Services, this operation will be delayed to 14 October 2023.

This notice will also be posted on Ken's Study Journey social media accounts before the operation.

Simply Speaking

Ken’s Study Journey does not provide services of and will not participate in academic misconduct and/or unfair competition practices.

All related promotional content will be removed since 1 October 2023.

Dear students, teachers, and visitors,

Thanks for choosing and using Ken’s Study Journey services!

As I entered university, the promotions of services involving academic misconduct practices (e.g. Instagram followers promoting homework/essay writing services) came to my attention.

Tools and services related to academic misconduct and unfair competition may include (but are not limited to):

  • homework/essay writing services
  • automated multiple-choice questions (MCQ) completion programs/apps
  • buying and selling views and/or subscribers

This is also against the Academic Integrity principles of my university:

“If you pay someone else to write a paper for you, or get a friend to do it for free, you are guilty of plagiarism.”

Ken’s Study Journey maintains academic integrity and fair competition, using its real effort to make results. It does not provide services of and will not be involved in such academic misconduct and/or unfair competition practices.

The following measures will be taken on Ken’s Study Journey from 1 October 2023, including its social media accounts:

  • Any followers/subscribers on social media promoting such services will be blocked (for a limited time).
  • Any comments promoting such services will be rejected and removed.
  • Any emails and/or contacts promoting such services will be rejected (replying “No”).

Simply speaking, Ken’s Study Journey will remove all promotional content related to academic misconduct and/or unfair competition.

Additionally, Ken’s Study Journey is a free and non-commercial productivity and campus life sharing service to students. All commercial content and activities (involving money exchange) are not allowed anywhere on Ken’s Study Journey.

This notice will be added to my new YouTube video descriptions since related comments are not allowed.

Thanks for your understanding. You can contact me for any questions or suggestions.

Ken’s Study Journey

20 September 2023

Hong Kong, China (branch)


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