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My Ideal Study Environment Assumptions | Where to Study Productively?

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By: Ken Deng   Published on 5 Mar. 2023 , Updated on 19 Mar. 2023

Approx. 1300 words, 6 mins

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In 2022, I have made some ideal💡 study environment assumptions🤔 where I can achieve perfect productivity🌟, including WiFi🔗 access, relaxing decorations🔮🌿 and music🎧.

Ideal Gas

We have learned Ideal Gas💨 in A Level Physics (9702)⚛️ and Chemistry (9701)🧪.

My ideal study environment assumptions💡 are inspired and derived from the Ideal Gas💨.

Related Knowledge

In Physics, Ideal Gas satisfies the equation pV=nRT=NkT=⅓Nm<c2> where R is a constant (8.31).

The molecules are perfectly elastic, hard⚖️, identical and always move randomly🔀, the volume of which is negligible and there are no❌ intermolecular forces🧲.

Physics (9702) Knowledge: Ideal Gas

Physics (9702) Knowledge: Ideal Gas

1. WiFi is Provided (at least 50 Mbps)

My first essential condition of a self-study📝 environment is to have WiFi access🔗.

If you have access to computers🖥️, WiFi🔗 is essential because most tasks📄 require Internet access🌎, including finding information📚, sending messages💬 and using planning apps🗓️ like Ken's Study Planner and Notion.

However, slow Internet speed🐢 may lower your productivity📝, so I recommend having Internet access with minimum speed💨📈 50 Mbps (6.25 MiB/s).

I also recommend IPv6🖇️ because every computer will have a dedicated🪪 IP address🌎, but this is not essential.

My Home Fast WiFi Speedtest (560 Mbps)

My Home Fast WiFi Speedtest (560 Mbps)

Related Knowledge

Now, let's talk about relevant A Level Computer Science (9618)🖥️ knowledge: Binary Number System.

We use denary numbers🧮 from 0 to 9, but all things stored on computers🖥️ are always the two binary numbers🎚️: '0' and '1'.

One byte🍫 has 8 binary numbers/digits (bits). 1 KiB = 1024 bytes = 8192 (1024 * 8) bits, 1 MiB = 1024 KiB, 1 GiB = 1024 MiB, and so on.

8 Mbps (megabits per second) = 1 MiB/s (mebibytes per second), so 50 Mbps = 6.25 MiB/s.

Computer Science (9618) Knowledge: Binary System

Computer Science (9618) Knowledge: Binary System

Did you know?

My website server's maximum speed📈 is 200 Mbps (25 MiB/s) similar to 5G networks📱.

2. Enough Light and Illumination

The second essential condition is enough light and illumination💡.

We may be energised and motivated🌟 while studying📝 when the strong light💡 shines on the desk.

Similarly, in Physics⚛️, electrons can absorb energy when it is illuminated🔦 by electromagnetic radiation.

My Home Desk Lamp

My Home Desk Lamp

Related Knowledge

Now, let's talk about relevant A Level Physics (9702)⚛️ knowledge: Photoelectric Effect🔦.

Photon is the quantum (‘packet’)📦 of energy🌟 in electromagnetic radiation🔦. (E = m c2)

An electron (e-) on a metal plate🪩 absorbs energy and can be escaped📤 when it is illuminated🔦 by electromagnetic radiation.

Physics (9702) Knowledge: Photoelectric Effect

Physics (9702) Knowledge: Photoelectric Effect

Did you know?

One of the meanings of my personal logo🖼️ (2020-2023) is that there is a light💡 shining on a book📖 and a pen✏️.

My Personal Logo

3. Enough Places to Put Items

The third one is to have enough places🧺 to put your items like books📖, pencil case✏️, laptop💻, iPad📝, and bag🎒.

If the place is too narrow📁, it may lower your productivity📝.

At home🏡, I put the main study items✏️ at the centre of the desk and other items🗃️ aside like on the bookshelf🚪.

My Home Study Environment

4. Electronic Devices are Allowed

The next one is to allow✅ electronic devices🖥️ while studying📝, but this may not❌ be suitable for some students🧑‍🎓.

If you are a university🏛️ or senior high🏫 student making EPQ and research🔬, preparing for international exams📝 and competitions🎯, this requirement may be necessary.

Studying with my iPad at Starbucks Café

Studying with my iPad at Starbucks Café

5. Suitable Desk Height and Wide Desk

You need a suitable height and width on your desk🍽️ to study📝 comfortably.

My Home Wide Desk (Top View)

My Home Wide Desk (Top View)

6. Comfortable Chair/Sofa

As well as a comfortable desk, you also need a comfortable chair🪑 or sofa🛋️ to make sure you can sit properly while studying.

My Home Desk and Chair (Side View)

My Home Desk and Chair (Side View)

7. Has Charging Ports

In some cases while using an iPad or laptop💻, you may also need charging🔋 ports🔌 so you can study continuously.

This is usually achievable in cafés☕️, libraries📚 and homes🏡.

My Home Charging Area

8. Food and Drinks are Allowed

You may also need to eat🌮 or drink🥤 while studying to be energised🌟.

For example, you can drink coffee in café☕️ to boost your energy.

However, in order to make a clean✨ environment, this may be unachievable❌ in some libraries, depending on their rules📄.

Water Bottle in my Home Bedroom

Water Bottle in my Home Bedroom

9. Quiet (less than 70 dB)

As students🧑‍🎓 often experience, noise🔊 in a study environment can be distracting🤔, so the study place needs to be quiet🤫 to get rid of distractions🔕.

In Physics, we measure the sound🔊 level in decibels (dB), so I set it to mostly 70 dB, but you can adjust🎚️ according to your needs.

10. Zero Distraction, Boredom and Tiredness

In ideal gas, molecules⚛️ have zero attractive forces🧲 so the potential energy is zero. The time🕘 of collision and the volume📦 of a molecule are negligible.

Similarly, in my ideal study environment, you will never be distracted🔕, feel board or tired💤, so you will focus🌙 on your study tasks📝.

This may be nearly achieved✅ by enabling Focus Mode🌙, reducing noise nearby🔇 and having inspirational items💡.

Apple Focus Mode (Self-study)

Apple Focus Mode (Self-study)

Related Knowledge

Now, let's talk about relevant A Level Physics (9702)⚛️ knowledge: Internal Energy

The internal energy is the sum of kinetic energy and potential energy of all molecules due to their random🔀 distribution.

In ideal gas, zero attractive forces🔙 means zero potential energy, so the internal energy⚛️ equals to the total kinetic energy💨.

11. Versatile Decorations

The next thing is vesatile decorations🔮🌿 which can make the environment aesthetic.

This can be different types of items, such as fairy light strings🌟, rattans🌿, colourful blocks🏳️‍🌈, flower pots🪴, posters🏞️, and so on.

If you feel bored or tired💤, you can look at them to find inspirations💡.

My Great Study Habits Posters with Rattans and Fairy Lights

12. Can Stay for a Long Time

Some study tasks are continuous🧵, such as computer programming🧑🏻‍💻 and solving a long problem📝.

So, you may need to be able✅ to stay for a long time⏳, like cafés☕️ and libraries📚.

13. Relaxing Music

As well as the decorations🔮🌿, you also need relaxing music🎵🎧 in the environment.

This can help you avoid distractions🔕 while focusing on your tasks📝 and not watching👓 elsewhere.

If there is no❌ music provided, you can listen to your music with a headphone🎧. For example, you can search🔍 and listen to "Café music" on the Internet🌎.

14. No Need to Purchase Items to Stay Here

In some places like café☕️ and restaurant🍽️, you may need to purchase💷 food and drink to stay here.

Although this condition may not❌ be strictly necessary, it is recommended🌟 and you can always enjoy and use the environment easier.

15. Has Clocks/Timers

While you are studying📝, you need to know the time🕘 to make sure you have a good✅ productivity🌟.

This can help you know the time left⏳ if you are accidentially distracted. If the time is almost run out, you will be mindful🤔 about your tasks📄.

I also recommend using a timer⏳ and/or Pomodoro technique (I use 45/15 minutes) if necessary.

Timer on Desk

16. Has Peer Pressure

At home🏡 or when we study alone🧑‍🎓, we may feel bored😐 or lack motivation😴.

So, we can be motivated🌟 if at least 1 other person👭 is studying nearby.

This assumption also satisfies✅ if there is only a staff and yourself.

But please note that if the peers are distracting, like playing games🎮 instead of studying, it may lower⬇️ your productivity.

Study with Peer Pressure in Guangzhou Library


  • 1. WiFi🔗 is Provided (Minimum Speed💨: 50 Mbps (6.25 MiB/s))
  • 2. Enough Lights💡 and Illumination
  • 3. Enough Places📦 to Put Items
  • 4. Electronic Devices💻 are Allowed✅
  • 5. Suitable Desk Height🪧 and Wide Desk
  • 6. Comfortable Chair/Sofa🛋️
  • 7. Has Charging🔋 Ports🔌
  • 8. Food🥙 and Drinks☕️ are Allowed
  • 9. Quiet🤫 (less than 70 dB)
  • 10. Zero Distraction📵, Boredom and Tiredness😴
  • 11. Versatile Decorations🌿
  • 12. Can Stay for a Long Time⏳
  • 13. Relaxing Music🎵🎧
  • 14. No Need to Purchase💷 Items to Stay Here
  • 15. Has Clocks🕘 and/or Timers⏳
  • 16. (New in 2023) Has Peer Pressure👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 (at least 1 other person here, including staff)

Explore More Study Tips

These are the assumptions of my Ideal💡 Study Environment. Hope you can boost your efficiency🌟 and enjoy your study space📝.

More useful study techniques🛠️ and habits📝 are available on my website. You can Explore More Study Tips if you want.

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1. Related Knowledge displayed in this article is for ease-of-understanding only. I cannot ensure that they are 100% correct.

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