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Why Students Need to Discover and Share Knowledge in Real Life?

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By: Ken Deng   Published on 18 Apr. 2021 , Updated on 12 Feb. 2023

Approx. 1600 words, 7 mins

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Discovering🔍, applying🔬 and sharing📤 knowledge in real life can help you remember🤔 knowledge easily, teach others🧑‍🏫 and explain real-life phenomena🏜️.

Some classmates👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 successfully understood😅 difficult knowledge after teaching them🧑‍🏫 using simpler language💬 and examples📸 in real life.

This has been one of my study habits🛠️ since 2019🕰️. Until 2022, I finally realised🤔 that this is similar to Teaching Others🧑‍🏫.

Memorise Knowledge Firmly

By discovering🔍 knowledge in real life, you can help yourself find out📖 and recall relevant knowledge points🎓 when observing the phenomena in nature⛰️.

If you forgot🧐 about it, you can refer to your textbook📖 or notebook📔 and then remember🤔 it again.

For example, I usually get sweat💦 when climbing up a mountain⛰️, but I feel much easier😅 when going down. Why is this?

Climbing up a Mountain

Climbing up a Mountain

Then I think that it might associate🔗 with physics⚛️ because it involves movement🚙, height🧗 and force🪝.

If I forgot the knowledge, I will take out📤 the physics textbook📖 or notebook📔 to find out🔍 and remember it again.

Related Knowledge

Now, let’s talk about relevant physics⚛️ knowledge: energy⚡️ transfer.

Energy cannot❌ be destroyed🗑️ or created🪄, which can only transfer🔄 to another substance or to another type of energy.

The energy change when climbing the mountain: Chemical Energy🧪 -> Gravitational Potential Energy🧗, Kinetic Energy💨, Heat Energy♨️, Sound Energy🔉.

Explain Real-life Phenomena

Knowledge of most subjects🎓 can explain🧑‍🏫 what usually happen in real life, like mathematics🧮, physics⚛️, chemistry🧪, geography🌎, biology🧬, economics📈 and computer science🖥️.

As I mentioned before⬆️, energy change⚡️ in physics can explain why we get sweat💦 while climbing the mountain⛰️.

Chemistry Knowledge in Rocks

Chemistry Knowledge in Rocks

Others can Correct Errors

After posting📤 knowledge on social media👩‍👩‍👦‍👦, others can use comments💬 to correct✅ your errors, if any.

For example, during a holiday🎉 in 2021, I incorrectly shared a formula s = ut + 2at2❌ which should be s = ut + (1/2)at2✅. Then, I discovered🔍 and corrected this error.

An Error in Physics Knowledge I Discovered (2021)

An Error in Physics Knowledge I Discovered (2021)

Did you know?

Apart from social media, I also sandwich🥪 discovered knowledge🎓 on my website articles🖥️ and videos/vlogs📹 in green boxes.

Help Others Understand Knowledge

If you use simple✨ but detailed🗞️ language to explain🧑‍🏫 knowledge while sharing, you are helping🛠️ others to understand them easily.

For example, while explaining Laser Printer🖨️ in IGCSE Computer Science🖥️ (0478), I associated🔄 it with physics not mentioned❌ in textbooks📚.

Related Knowledge

Now, let’s talk about IGCSE Computer Science🖥️ (0478) knowledge: Laser Printer🖨️.

As we learned in Physics, like🍫 charges repel↔️ and unlike🧲 charges attract🔙.

The printing drum🧻 is initially given a negative charge➖ which is removed🗑️ in the printing areas by the laser🔦.

Because like charges repel↔️, negatively-charged➖ powdered ink🧃stays at uncharged🔘 areas in the drum🧻.

Because unlike charges attract🔙, the negatively-charged➖ ink🧃 in the drum🧻 sticks on a positively-charged➕ paper📄.

Explore More Study Tips

These are my 4 reasons🤔 why students should discover🔍, apply🔬 and share📤 knowledge in real life. Hope you can discover🔍 more knowledge and learn them easily🌟.

More useful study techniques🛠️ and habits📝 are available on my website. You can Explore More Study Tips if you want.

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