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My Bedroom Tour 2022 | How I Decorated my Bedroom and Study Space?

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By: Ken Deng   Published on 9 Apr. 2022 , Updated on 27 Oct. 2022

Approx. 1200 words, 5 mins

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In the past few months, I made some improvements to my bedroom study environment. This includes great study habits posters as well as leaves and fairy lights.

The brand-new study habits posters can not only remind me to form some productive study habits in a long term but also enhance my bedroom's visual effects.

The bedroom decoration methodology originates from the apartment decoration competition of our school's Oxbridge College as well as some (I)GCSE, A Level and university student vlogs.

Today, I am going to introduce and demonstrate my decorations and the overall design around my bedroom. Here we go!

Main Desk

The place that I use the most is the main desk where I use my home PC and paper materials in the middle.

I recently added some rattans (leaves) and fairy lights around the monitors to improve the overall appearance.

Most people's desks, including the desk at my school apartment, lean on the walls containing some decorative items.

However, my home desk is an exception, which does not lean on the wall, in which I need to have a board at other places.

There are 2 special places at the left and the right sides of the desk, which are the bookshelf and charging area respectively.

Overview of My Home Desk Study Environment

Overview of My Home Desk Study Environment

Left Bookshelf

The bookshelf on the left holds the books and paper materials along with a water bottle.

Left Bookshelf in my Bedroom

Left Bookshelf in my Bedroom

Right Charging Area

The right charging area charges my iPhone and Apple Watch with MagSafe, AirPods Pro wirelessly, and my MacBook Pro, iPad Air and power bank using cables at the edge of the table.

There is also a plant, a perfume diffuser and two fake candles that provide me oxygen and fresh air for breathing.

Right Charging Area in my Bedroom

Right Charging Area in my Bedroom

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

At the bottom of the computer monitor, I use a wireless (Bluetooth) keyboard and mouse which can be moved to any position.

In addition to such wireless facilities, I have also added some more styles of posters on my desk.

For example, I need to put back my keyboard and mouse of my home PC (Mac mini) when I am not using them so that I can make room for my iPad or paper-based study materials.

Put Back Keyboard and Mouse Banner

Put Back Keyboard and Mouse Banner

Smart Desk Clock and Timer

At the centre of the desk, I use my old phone (about 6 years ago) as my smart clock which has been programmed by myself.

Since I am a student with programming skills, I wrote codes to make my old phone functional and my home's WiFi network is managed by myself. That's why I can turn my old phone into a useful desk clock.

The clock can be remotely controlled using any device under the same WiFi network.

During the sleeping time, the clock screen is turned off or dimmed to improve my sleeping quality.

I put it into Timer mode while studying with Pomodoro technique. It also has reminder pop-ups in the morning and evening.

The source code and setup instructions will be available later, but you can subscribe to my newsletter so that I can notify you once it is ready.

Reminder Pop-ups on Smart Desk Clock & Timer

Reminder Pop-ups on Smart Desk Clock & Timer

Cable Management

Behind my main desk, the cables are well-organised with cable management so I can have a sense of tidiness.

The cables are organised with some stickers and bandages.

As well as organising cables, I have also entwined the cables with some rattans and fairy lights to hide the cables and improve the overall appearance.

Organising Cables in my Bedroom

Organising Cables in my Bedroom

Back Bookshelf

On the opposite side of my desk, there is a back bookshelf embedded in the wall.

Home Desk Back Bookshelf Overview

Home Desk Back Bookshelf Overview

It holds some books that are not commonly used as well as some stationeries and redundant charging cables.

The bookshelf has a large volume so I can put many things there. I just need to turn around to obtain the items on it.

Home Desk Back Bookshelf

Home Desk Back Bookshelf

On the inner side between the desk and the back bookshelf, I put my luggage and bag beside the printer. The cables pass through there from the power socket at the back.

Since the automated vacuum cleaner runs on a daily basis, the horizontal separation bar is used as the barrier for it to prevent entwining the cables.

Luggage Place

Luggage Place


The next thing is the pinboard. As I mentioned above, the pinboard is usually directly above the desk if the desk lies on the wall.

It usually involves some photos about myself as well as universities in the UK (e.g. Cambridge, Imperial). It also contains some "Great Study Habits are Productive" stickers, fairy lights and rattans.

Bedroom Pinboard Right

Bedroom Pinboard Right


Previously, the blackboard in my bedroom was used as an English vocabulary board from 2018 to 2019, which was then replaced by knowledge flashcards and Quizlet.

In 2020, it used to be a status board. Then, it was emptied as it is replaced by my Study Planner online tool.

Right now, I am using it to show the upcoming events which are also shown on my electronic study planner.

My Bedroom Blackboard (Notice and Events Board)

My Bedroom Blackboard (Notice and Events Board)

Great Study Habits Posters

The Great Study Habits are Productive Posters can let me form great habits for a long time.

For example, I need to take exercise every day and be well-prepared before studying.

Some of My Great Study Habits are Productive Posters

A* Motivational Banner

In the past few weeks, I have made an A* motivational banner.

This not only enables me to make reflections after entering the bedroom but also gives us the motivation to study forward.

From my imagination, The star (*) of A* (A Star) on the certificate can be converted into a star in reality, emitting lights in the sky, leading students to a successful way, and encouraging students to study hard/smart.

That's why I usually say "A* Flies to the Sky, Making your Future Bright!".

So, I have added this banner to not only my home bedroom but also my school apartment.

Home Bedroom A* Banner

Home Bedroom A* Banner

Balcony, Flowers and Welcome Words

Later on, I also set up my balcony, bought some flowers with my parents, and placed them on it, improving the visual effects outside.

A banner with welcome words and my personal logo was also drawn and set up on the door along with rattans to welcome myself from school and some guests.

Bedroom Balcony with Flowers and Welcome Words

Storage Area and Wardrobe

The last place in my bedroom is the storage area and cupboard, which stores my clothes as well as redundant items.

All areas are labelled and all items are grouped and placed neatly so that I can rapidly find the items I want.

Explore More Study Tips

These are the setup and decorations of my bedroom. I hope you can enjoy it and study productively with my suggestions.

More useful study techniques and habits are available on my website. You can Explore More Study Tips if you want.

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