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A Day in my Life in A Level 2022 Summer | IELTS Lessons and Self-study

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By: Ken Deng   Published on 28 Jul. 2022

Approx. 1900 words, 8 mins

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The Next Station is Self-study, please prepare your stationeries and paper materials. Hello there! Welcome abroad Ken's Study Journey productive and diligent study pathway and train.

In the first part of my 2022 summer vacation, I had IELTS and TMUA lessons and some self-study sessions. I also utilised my free time on the underground.

I had talked about 16 things to do during the summer vacation in my last article, in which I followed my plans, goals and schedule strictly to form study habits.

In this article, I will demonstrate my busy but productive day in my 2022 summer vacation in Guangzhou, China as an A Level student. Here we go! You can also learn more about my study habits.

Welcome Word in my Bedroom Door

Welcome Word in my Bedroom Door

Get Up and Morning Relax Time

Morning Routine

I get up at 06:30 at home. Once the alarm clock rings, I complete my morning routine on my Study Planner, including folding my quilt, brushing my teeth, washing my face, and packing up my bag.

My Morning Routine Checklist

My Morning Routine Checklist

Completing My Morning Routine

I had made my items checklist to ensure that I do not forget my items while packing my bag. I check my packed items against the checklist strictly.

My Items Checklist

My Items Checklist

I also turn on the smart desk clock I had programmed before using Siri with Apple Shortcuts and my web server at home.

Hey Siri! Turn on Desk Clock Screen.
OK. The clock screen is turned on.

In the morning, it also automatically displays a welcome word for the new day.

The source codes and setup instructions for my desk clock will be available on my website later.

Turning on my Bedroom's Smart Clock

Turning on my Bedroom's Smart Clock

Morning Relax Time

Then is my morning relax time from 06:45 to 07:15 for 30 minutes, in which I can watch YouTube videos and vlogs, read blog articles, check and open emails, and use social media.

According to one of my daily goals, I need to be mindful of pronunciation, punctuation and fluency while watching English videos.

Some videos and vlogs are also related to "A Day in my Life" which describe the student's daily life in the form of video.

Watching vlogs can also give me motivations while studying at home, especially during the lockdown during the pandemic, because I can enjoy the scenery among different cities.

I discovered that a major source of A Level and university students have YouTube and vlog channels instead of websites and blogs. Perhaps the former is a suitable way for them to monetise.

While I will be going outside and taking photos, I will imagine that I am recording vlogs too.

My favourite YouTube channels are on my website's sidebar, if you are using a computer or an iPad.

See my Daily Goals
Watching Vlogs and Checking Emails

Watching Vlogs and Checking Emails (Morning Relax Time)

Schedule and Tasks List

My today's lessons are displayed on my bedroom's notice board, which is arranged every evening before sleeping.

As well as the Lessons Board, I also have made today's daily tasks list to ensure that I do the correct and required tasks at certain time points. Some people call it Calendar Blocking.

See my Planning System

Lessons Board and Daily Tasks List

Using my Study Planner

I also constantly check my daily goals to make sure I achieve them on my Study Planner.

I use my Study Planner web-based app to do a lot of things, including checklists, daily goals checklist, and see how many days are left until the next project, exam and activity.

If you are interested in, you can sign up for free.

Learn More    Sign up (Free)
My Daily Goals

My Daily Goals

Days Left until IELTS Exam

Days Left until IELTS Exam


After the morning relax time, I have breakfast at 07:15. The morning relax time is used to not waste time while waiting for breakfast.

I have different breakfast at home, including local cuisine in Guangzhou and western breakfast such as bacon, eggs and milk.

Unlike my home, I can immediately have breakfast after getting up at school.

See my School Daily Life Having Breakfast

Having Breakfast

Take Underground

At approximately 07:45, my parents send me to an underground station when they are commuting to the office.

Because I have fully packed my items in the morning, I can directly take my bags without extra time.

Entering the Underground Station

During the pandemic, we have to show our Yuekang or Suikang health code (one of them) while entering the underground station.

Showing my Suikang (Guangzhou) Health Code

Showing my Suikang (Guangzhou) Health Code

Then, I use my Yangchengtong card to enter the gate.

Utilise my Free Time

While I am taking the underground, I use Quizlet to remember English words and then read other's blog articles saved on Safari reading list.

See How to Utilise your Free Time

Utilising Free Time on Underground

However, while I am changing lines, from Line 13 and Line 5 to Line 3, I pause studying to make sure I do not miss trains or enter the trains with wrong directions.

Studying for a long time can be tiring, so this can let me take a rest on the underground.

An important thing is that we need to confirm the direction of the trains on Line 3 whether it goes to Tianhe Coach Terminal or Airport North (indicated as green on the screen) because both trains are on the same platform.

But fortunately to me, both trains pass through my destination, Tiyu Xilu station.

Changing Lines in the Underground

Self-study at Starbucks

After exiting the underground at approximately 09:50, I go to Starbucks just beside my IELTS school building.

Although there is a long distance between the underground station and the school, there is a tunnel so I still can take the underground during the rainy weather.

Exiting the Tunnel and Going to Starbucks

Using Separative Study System

I have also invented and developed a study technique that can avoid distractions at certain time, which is called: Separative Study System.

During the summer, I lock non-study tasks between 09:00 and 18:00 every day when I must not use social media, check for non-study-related emails, and watch vlogs.

But normally, during the school semesters, I lock non-study tasks in school days and unlock them at weekends.

Summer Separative Study System Lock Time

Summer Separative Study System Lock Time

Finish TMUA Homework

Once I have got the drink, I start finishing my TMUA homework, according to my Daily Tasks List. TMUA is an admission test in Cambridge for mathematics-related majors.

I turn on the Self-study Focus Mode which blocks unnecessary notifications and other distractions on my Apple devices.

I use my programmed online study timer which is derived from my home's smart desk clock. It is available on my website and you can use it while studying.

Use my Online Timer
Turning on Self-study Focus Mode

Turning on Self-study Focus Mode

Finishing TMUA Homework at Starbucks

Edit my Website Codes

After finishing my TMUA homework, I also edit the codes of my website and make a questionnaire survey.

Editing Website Codes

Have Lunch and Enter IELTS School

After the self-study period at 12:30, I have lunch at McDonald's directly at the bottom of the school building.

Then, I enter the school building with the electronic school card on my phone.

The lesson is from 13:30 to 15:30. It is either a writing or speaking lesson.

Have Lunch beside IELTS School

Have Lunch beside IELTS School

Have TMUA Lesson

There is also a TMUA lesson on Monday and Thursday afternoons from 16:00 to 18:00.

Normally, I join the lesson at my home, but I join the lesson inside the school using an empty classroom because it takes long time to go back home.

Additionally, I usually feel motivated while studying in the city centre rather than in my home with a higher interruption level (e.g. from vacuum cleaners and family members).

Have Dinner and Go Back Home

After both lessons, I go to a restaurant near the school.

Enjoying Night Scenery

It is quite late at 18:00, but I really enjoy the night scenery in Guangzhou.

By the way, I also discovered the first BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) station in Guangzhou near the school.

The Night Scenery in Guangzhou, China

Ride Underground and Bus

After dinner at 18:45, I enter the underground station again but at a different station since the restaurant can be further away from the school.

Again, I utilise my free time, remembering English words and reading articles.

Unfortunately, my home is quite far from the nearest underground station as it is in a residential area at the edge of Guangzhou, but I have arrived at the edge already.

I then exit the underground, which is directly a bus stop, and take the bus which has a direct line to the area near my home.

The bus arrives at my destination at about 20:30. I then cross the road and enter my private area.

Exiting Bus

Exiting the Bus

I have also closed all three rings on my Apple Watch, including Move, Exercise and Stand, which is also three of my Daily Goals.

Close Three Rings on my Apple Watch

Close Three Rings on my Apple Watch

Arriving at Home

After arriving at my home at 20:45, I turn on the fairy lights, put down my bag, take out the items, charge my devices like iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods, and then take a shower.

Complete Arriving at Home Routine

Then I continue to edit my website codes before coming to the evening relax time at 21:45.

Edit Website Codes at Home

Edit Website Codes at Home

Evening Relax Time and Wind Down

Then is the evening relax time. Again, I can watch videos, read articles, check for emails and notifications, and use social media.

The smart clocks remind me when there are 60, 45, 30, 15 and 0 minutes left until sleeping time.

Checking for Emails; 15-minute Reminder on Desk Clock

In the last 15 minutes when the relax time ends, I complete my evening routine, filling in my daily goals checklist on my Study Planner, making tomorrow's tasks list and lessons board, and finally, turning off the ceiling lights to wind down.

Again, you can sign up for my Study Planner if you want to use it.

Sign up for Study Planner

I also lower the brightness of the clocks.

Hey Siri! Dim Desk Clock Screen.
OK. The clock screen's brightness is dimmed and adjusted to 0.7

Filling my Daily Goals Checklist and Completeing Evening Routine

Finally, it is my sleeping time at 22:30. I turn off the desk clocks, again, using Siri and Shortcuts.

Hey Siri! Turn off Desk Clock Screen.
OK. The clock screen is turned off.

My iPhone and computers are automatically muted during my sleeping time, so I do not need to manually mute them.

After going to bed, it comes to an end of my studying day and my study will continue tomorrow.

Explore More Study Tips

This is the day in my life as an A Level student in 2022 summer having IELTS and TMUA lessons and self-study in Guangzhou city centre.

I hope you can study productively and diligently with my suggestions.

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1. Related Knowledge displayed in this article is for ease-of-understanding only. I cannot ensure that they are 100% correct.

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