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Notice about Ken’s Study Planner 2024 Upcoming Brand Upgrade

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By: Ken Deng   Published on 5 Nov. 2023

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Ken’s Study Planner (New Brand) will Open for Collaboration in 2024

Technology isn’t Easy, Development is Busy

Simply Speaking

Ken's Study Planner may be renamed and may no longer be my personal project in 2024 since the names (Ken’s Study Journey/Planner) are too personal to start a club (due to historical reasons: personal projects).

The new brand is now being designed and will open for non-commercial public collaboration in 2024.

You can submit (email) your ideas and suggestions to my contacts.

Dear students, teachers, and visitors,

Thanks for choosing and using Ken’s Study Journey services!

Ken’s Study Journey has recently planned a personal brand upgrade at the beginning of 2024 (from February to April) for future development, where the new brand, including name(s), logo(s) and domain name(s), is still under design and construction.

This brand update includes:

  • Separating Ken’s Study Planner project from Ken’s Study Journey main website (;
  • Creating a new brand as a new mark replacing Ken’s Study Planner brand;
  • Opening for public collaboration (non-commercial; for the new brand).

Simply speaking, Ken’s Study Planner may be renamed in 2024. This upgrade will have:

  • More Features, Opportunities and Technologies
  • New Brand
  • Same Ownership, Design Styles, Resources, Data Storage and Encryption

However, please note that the new brand will remain part of (and will become a sub-brand of) Ken’s Study Journey with registrations under my identity, sharing Ken’s Study Journey resources (e.g. technologies, systems and servers).

Opinions and suggestions for making the new brand completely alone (completely separate from Ken’s Study Journey) will not be accepted, ensuring the same security and user experience.

Opening for collaboration, Ken’s Study Planner will no longer be my personal project since 2024, while Ken’s Study Journey main website will continue sharing my personal study tips and life.

Ken’s Study Journey has strict internal guidelines and security standards, where all content and systems are published after my moderation. Don’t be over-concerned about the security after this brand upgrade.

Your data will remain stored and encrypted in Guangzhou Headquarters and Main Servers, as same as currently.

Why Brand Upgrade?

Previously, established in February 2019, Ken’s Study Journey used to be my personal website/blog (previously named “Ken Deng” from 2019 to 2020).

Invented in February 2021, the online planning tool was designed and programmed for my personal use only where no one else could sign up. This is why it’s called Ken’s Study Planner.

It was then opened for public registration and use with more than 100 users (including Mainland university students using CERNET ISP) worldwide by October 2023. This implies it cannot be discontinued.

It used to be my personal project where collaboration was not allowed.

As one of my successful projects, updates are necessary to not only provide new features and technologies but also enhance student/user experience.

Recently, one of my friends, at university, proposed to open a programming-related university/school club under my projects (e.g. Ken’s Study Planner).

Then, I confirmed that since the names “Ken’s Study Journey/Planner” are too personal, it is not suitable for clubs.

This brand upgrade will not only facilitate future development but also welcome more users.

Study Planner 4 and App Releases Delayed

At the start of 2023, Ken’s Study Journey predicted that Ken’s Study Planner 4 would be released from September to October 2023, and January to February 2024 for the Planner app.

Unfortunately, due to the complex logic behind Ken’s Study Planner 4 (which may be renamed) with a panel of new features, both releases will be delayed:

  • Ken’s Study Planner 4: February 2024 (predicted);
  • Ken’s Study Planner apps: until future notice.

However, I want to tell you that technologies, including websites, apps and mini-programs, have complex programming logic, algorithms, security and encryption measures behind.

Technology isn’t Easy, Development is Busy.

Studying is more important than public resources and services. Only with your endeavour, whether in high school or university, can you develop state-of-the-art technologies.

“Collaboration for Beginners” Scheme

Ken’s Study Journey recently self-invented the “Collaboration for Beginners (零基础合作)” scheme, welcoming students with interests but without skills.

It is under trial and is only available to university students in Hong Kong, China currently, but will expand later.

However, regardless of your location and identity, you can contact me if you have interests.

For more information, please view the Collaboration page.

Ken’s Study Journey 5-year Anniversary Event

Ken’s Study Journey (previously my personal website) was established on 14 February 2019, with self-invented study techniques and technologies.

It is approaching its 5-year birthday on 14 February 2024 when the Ken’s Study Journey 5-year Anniversary Event (online) will be held, plus:

  • Ken’s Study Planner 4 Release
  • New Brand Release

More information will be available on the website and email newsletter.

Questions or Ideas?

Since the new brand is currently under design and construction, Ken’s Study Journey welcomes user opinions and ideas for its development.

Feel free to send your questions, ideas, opinions and/or collaboration requests (non-commercial) to my contacts and I will be here to help you.

Ken’s Study Journey

5 November 2023

Guangzhou, China