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Study Tools

My Invented Study Tools

I usually recommend some productive study tools🛠️ of top students to students to boost their productivity🌟.

I have invented🪄 some study tools using my programming knowledge🧑🏻‍💻 to solve my studying and planning🗓️ difficulties.

Study Timer

With a timer⏳, you will realise how fast the time🕘 passes.

Because your time is limited⌛️, you will be motivated to concentrate on your study tasks and study productively.

Sometimes, students waste🗑️ their time in their self-study sessions without realising it. By setting a time limit, you will limit your time on one task.

I have made an online timer⏳ as well as my invented smart desk clock using old phones.

My Invented Smart Desk Clock
Online Timer

Ken's Study Planner App

I have also invented a web-based Study Planner app🖥️ using programming knowledge to demystify my study planning🗓️ process.

Ken's Study Planner integrated daily goals checklist, projects manager, events manager, and checklist.

You just need to sign up an account🪪, fill in your daily goals🏆, upcoming projects and events📅, morning and evening routines📋. Then, you can see and manage your situations easily.

Ken's Study Planner App

My favourite feature is that it displays how many days left📅 until the next exam.

Ken's Study Planner Displaying Days Left

Another one is that it tells you what your next lesson🧑‍🏫 is based on your schedule🗓️.

Displaying Next Lesson on Study Planner
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Items Checklist

Do you know why I never forget everthing to take🎒 for studying every single day?

Here's my Items Checklist📋. With an item checklist, you can prepare and check☑️ the things you need to take. It will help you memorise💬 your items like your pencil case.

My Items Checklist

Tasks List

As well as the Tasks List, I also create a Tasks List📋 with which I can do everything I want in a day📅.

With the Integrated🔗 Planning System, I also ensure that I can achieve🏅 my daily study goals🏆 by finishing my tasks.

My Tasks Checklist

Subject Folders

Is your Study Materials Messy📚? Messy study materials can occupy more spaces and you will need more time⏳ to find them.

Here's my folders📂. You need to organise your paper-based materials📄 using some folders. You can also organise your computer documents💾 using folders (and Tags🔖 if you are using macOS or iPadOS).

My Subject Folders

Grid Notebooks

I also use some grid notebooks📒, especially for Mathematics graphs📈, to take organised notes.

Great Study Habits Posters

In order to form great study habits💡, I have stuck some reminder posters🖼️ in my home and school apartment bedroom.

Motivative Desktop Backgrounds

As well as the Great Study Habits posters, I also have made some motivative desktop backgrounds🖼️ for my Mac mini and MacBook Pro.

This one is used during the AS (A Level) exam📝 period.

A* Exam Motivation Background

After the exam period, I have also made another background to motivate myself to study diligently.

Oxbridge Motivation Background

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